Friday, June 10, 2011

The Demise Of NATO

Out going Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recently predicted the demise of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that was formed after World War II primarily to defend Europe.   Now that there is no threat from the old Soviet Union,  it may be that NATO's time has come and gone.    Yet, Eastern European countries that joined NATO late in its existence do still fear Russia and to some degree Germany for good reason; a little something called history.   The fact is however, that European countries that tend toward Socialism will not spend the money needed to defend themselves, or freedom.  And, as such, it is the American taxpayer on the hook and our military often defending freedom around the world and fighting Terrorism.  

It is pretty obvious that with the exception of treaties with various countries around the world to maintain strictly American bases in the event of a threat to our security,  we probably should stop spending tax payer money in an attempt to create military integration.   The Europeans bring so little to the table that why bother.   For the most part, the Germans and the Japanese will not commit troops to fight in any war even if their interests are at stake.   So to follow the line of looking out for number one, the US should do what is in our interests and only in our interests.   Long term, we will probably see history repeat itself; but since we do not have real partners in Europe willing to pay their fair share, they may have to learn this lesson again the hard way.  

And, what the heck are we doing in Libya?   Now NATO, sort of with our help, is out to kill Moamar Qaddafi, the dictator in charge of Libya.  If we are going to go down this road, why not kill Assad, the dictator in charge of Syria that is murdering his citizens.   Socialist President Obama's foreign policy related to the Middle East is incoherent.   Obama stated categorically that we were not going to directly participate in regime change in Libya.    I would say trying to kill Qaddafi with a rationalization that he is the the Commander and Chief of his armed forces is definitely participating in regime change.   Ironically, American Socialists that are generally opposed to war have now added another war to the two, Iraq and Afghanistan that are supposed to be winding down.   Where does this end?

Clearly, we need to secure our border and continue fighting Terrorism.   While Qaddafi is guilty of supporting Terrorism in the past, when Reagan almost did him in, Qaddafi turned over a new leaf.   No one has ever accused Qaddafi of any involvement with 9/11 or any other recent act of Terrorism; yet NATO is out to kill him.   The United States is broke.   We do need to secure our border and fight Terrorism; but we can't be involved in trying to bring down every tin horned dictator in the world.   This Blogger does not see any rationalization that makes any sense for US or NATO involvement in Libya.   If it makes sense to provide the rebels in Libya with arms, fine, but that should be it.  Most likely, when the dust settles there, Libya will just end up with another dictator that could be worse than Qaddafi.  

Adept foreign policy requires long term vision; not shoot from the hip behaviors by our President.  There is no Obama Doctrine.   President Obama is floundering related to foreign policy because he is a weak, naive, inexperienced leader.  Obama reached out to Arab and Muslim nations and the end result has been higher oil prices that is recking our economy.   Obama threw Israel under the bus when he demanded that Israel pull back to its 1967 borders that are indefensible.   The demise of NATO is happening as much because of Obama's weak leadership as anything else.  

President Obama is a clear and present danger to our nation.   Obama has recked our economy and now he is recking our foreign policy.  We must make Obama a one term President to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We can do it.   We must do it.      


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