Monday, November 2, 2009

Two Visions for America - Ours and Theirs

There really are two visions for America. Clearly, President Obama is a polarizing figure who is intentionally dividing our nation; much the same way Franklin Roosevelt did during the Great Depression. In fact, our country has never been so divided except for the periods during the Great Depression and just before and during the Civil War. All of this rests on two very different belief systems. Conservatives believe government is the problem. Democrat Socialists believe that government is the solution. Conservatives want protection from the government. Democrat Socialists want protection by the government. But it goes much deeper.

Conservatives in the United States support limited government and free market capitalism governed by minimal regulation and only as necessary. We put our trust in God not government. We believe in individual rights and freedom, which allows us the ability to both succeed and fail based on our efforts not government support. We support low taxes as the only way to grow the private sector and create jobs. We believe in a strong defense to protect our nation from our enemies. Conservatives believe in family values. Most important, we don't look to the government as our savior.

Democrat Socialists believe that free market capitalism is evil. They know that it is "necessary" to generate taxes to support all their Socialist schemes; but they want to control the means of production. They want to pick winners and losers rather than allowing the free market to make that determination; hence all the bail outs. Democrat Socialists believe in the collective good rather than individual rights, which also translates to global control rather national control of our destiny. In general, Democrat Socialists do not believe in a strong defense, which is the reason Obama is unilaterally cutting back our nuclear forces and military. As such, at every turn as we are seeing with Obama's HealthScare and CAP and TAX Plans, Democrat Socialists support more government control over our lives because they don't think we can make decisions for ourselves. Their power lies in big government and union control.

So, Conservatives are fighting for our vision of America because the Democrat Socialist vision for America is a road to tyranny and a lower standard of living for our people. History is our teacher. We just cannot and will not allow President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress to succeed in "changing" America into a Socialist nation. Elections in New York, New Jersey and Virginia this week will be critical in our fight to take back our country. With a little luck, Conservatives will be elected in three key races on Tuesday to send a message to Washington. The United States is a center right country. Conservatives and Moderates have been yelling and screaming at Tea Bag Protests since Obama was elected President, Don't Tread On Me. We are mad as HELL about all the bail outs and Socialist schemes. And, we don't want Obama's Socialist vision for America to prevail. We are standing up to JUST SAY NO.

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