Friday, November 13, 2009

President Obama & Islamic Terrorists

President Obama has a real hard time with the words "Islamic Terrorists" and "Terrorism" and the phrase "War on Terror". In fact, Obama goes out of his way not to use these terms even when they appear to be applicable, perhaps as result of his Muslim roots. Or maybe Obama avoids these terms because Obama is attempting to reach out to moderate Muslims, who though often silent, presumably do not support Terrorism. However, when these brutal acts occur, it is what is it. At Fort Hood, Texas, Major Malik Hasan, who apparently was an Islamic Terrorist, shouted Allah Akbar, (God is Great) in Arabic when he murdered 13 innocent people and wounded another 29 people. God is indeed Great; but not when his name is used as the basis for murdering innocent people. Hasan had ties to both Pakistan and Yemen, home to radical Islamic Terrorists including Osama Bin Laden, if he is still alive and many others; but President Obama tells us "not to jump to conclusions" concerning Hasan's motive and intentions. Whether Hasan is an Al Queda want a be, or not, is really irrelevant, this was an act of Terrorism by any standard on American soil. What else could it be?

Let's face it. There are radical Muslims in the world who are engaged in "jihad" or holy war against Western Civilization. They hate our way of life and freedoms. These radical Islamists are particularly opposed to the rights of women in a free society. Radical Islamists commit acts of Terrorism and murder in both Western and Islamic Countries that are trying to participate in the world economy. The murder of innocent people in large groups is by its very nature an act of Terrorism. We could even call it a "hate crime".

The Obama Administration does not understand that we are still engaged in a "War on Terror". It is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, and other countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. There are Islamic Terrorist cells, whether a part of Al Queda, or acting alone, that are focused on committing these murderous acts. These radical Muslims believe they are fighting for some 8th century version of their religion, which they believe justifies their actions. President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder believe these crimes are just like any other murders rather than war crimes. Holder recently announced that 9/11 master mind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and four other Terrorists would be tried in federal courts in New York City for their involvement in 9/11, which means they will be given the constitutional rights of an American citizen. These Islamic radicals are foreign Terrorists that attacked the United States and should be tried by a Military Tribunal as war criminals not as though they are American citizens. This decision by President Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidential decisions in American history.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently gave a speech in the Middle East and said that the US must choose between Iran and Israel. Israel is a democracy with strong and historical ties to the United States. Israel shares the legal system of Western countries. No matter what the left wing media says in the US, the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian values, which are the basis for our society. Iran supports Terrorists and Terrorism around the world. Let us hope that President Obama tells Ahmadinejad and Iran to go pound sand. While we should strive to have good relations with all countries, Iran is an outlaw nation in the process of building nuclear weapons that are a threat to the United States. Obama better not play kissy, kissy with Iran because they have proven over and again that they cannot be trusted. Iranians are Persians, not Arabs, who are attempting to extend their historical hegemony over the entire Middle East. We cannot allow that to happen; plain and simple and it actually has little to do with Israel.

President Obama needs to learn the lessons of history. 9/11 happened because the Clinton Administration did not properly respond to Terrorism and Terrorists. These radical Islamists have been conspiring to destroy the United States for decades. In order to defeat our enemies, we must see them as they are not as President Obama would like them to be. Radical Islam is a clear and present danger to the United States. To think it is otherwise, is both dangerous and naive.

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