Friday, November 20, 2009

Senator Harry Reid - The Epicenter of the Fight

Senator Harry Reid, the Democrat Socialist leader of the US Senate, from Searchlight, Nevada is at the epicenter of the fight to save our country in 2010. Reid is a major target of the Tea Party Movement in Nevada. Senator Reid is pushing through all of Obama's Socialist Schemes. Reid's version of HealthScare is more than 2,000 pages long. It will raise taxes by $500 billion, cut Medicare services to seniors by $500 Billion, result in a dramatic increase in insurance premiums for the 85% of people who already have insurance and only provide insurance for an additional 9% of the people. Most important, the cost is not the $894 billion Reid is bragging about; but instead when fully loaded and all the gimmicks are removed, the cost will be $2.5 Trillion, which will lead to the bankruptcy of the United States. The Reid/Obama HealthScare Plan does little to control health care costs and does not deal at all with medical malpractice lawsuits because the trial attorneys are big contributors to Democrat Socialists like Senator Harry Reid and President Obama. Surprise, surprise.

The Reid/Obama HealthScare Plan contains a public option and the potential for tax payer monies being used to fund elective abortions again both through a series of gimmicks. If this legislation is passed, 22 million senior citizens will lose their Medicare Advantage HMO's, including my Mom. By the way, it was recently reported that AARP received $18 million in federal SwindleUS Plan monies. And, of course, AARP, which is really just an insurance company in Association clothing purporting to represent the interests of senior citizens, will benefit greatly from commissions earned on Medigap insurance policies that will be necessary once seniors lose their Medicare Advantage HMO's. Clearly, this is a case of "Whose Bread you eat, Whose song you sing." AARP is fat and happy because Obama has paid them off plain and simple.

While Senator Harry Reid pushes for Obama's Socialist schemes in Washington DC, the economic situation in Nevada, the state he is supposed to represent becomes more bleak. Remember, it was President Obama who scolded American business for holding conventions in Las Vegas and as a result $400 million in convention business was immediately cancelled. Of course, if Obama had ever worked in business, he would know that the reason Las Vegas is often chosen for conventions is that it is one of the least expensive hotel venues in the country; but that is another story. And, Senator Harry Reid and his environmental wacho friends succeeded in closing down Yucca Mountain, 100 miles from Las Vegas, that was supposed to be the nation's nuclear materials repository. No doubt, these actions and this loss of business for Nevada cost the state thousands of jobs, which is the reason Nevada has among the highest unemployment rates in the country, officially at 13%; but much higher if all are counted that have either stopped looking for jobs and/or who are under employed. And, the foreclosure crisis in Nevada is particularly bad. Nearly, one in four, or 23% of homeowners are behind in their mortgage payments and/or are in the foreclosure process. Senator Harry Reid, who has been missing in action, just does not understand, that is about JOBS, Stupid; not all the other Socialist schemes that are his and Obama's focus.

While President Obama is a clear and present danger to the people of the United States; Senator Harry Reid is a clear and present danger to the people of Nevada. As Reid pushes for all of Obama's Socialist Schemes like HealthScare and CAP & TAX, that are job killer bills, Reid is as much responsible for Obama's SwindleUS Plan and failed economic policy as anyone, as people in Nevada are losing their homes. Senator Harry Reid is up for re-election in 2010. Reid's approval rating in Nevada is below 30%. Polls indicate that any one of several good Republican candidates would beat Reid if the election were held today. Of course, Senator Reid will have Acorn and SEIU union support and more than $20 million dollars to spend on his campaign; but I doubt it will save him. Senator Harry Reid may be the most hated man in Nevada today. In 2010, Senator Harry Reid will be at the epicenter of the fight to take back our country. Be assured, those of us who live in Nevada are ready for November, 2010 as we send Harry Reid back to a peaceful retirement in Searchlight, Nevada. In doing so, we will send a message to President Obama that we are also working to make him a one term President.

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