Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Results - Obama Lost Big

President Obama and the Democrat Socialists who control Congress lost big on election night. Obama invested significant time, energy and money in New Jersey and Virginia campaigning for incumbent Governor Jon Corzine and Creigh Deeds. In both races, Republican Conservatives, Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell won big. As of this posting, this is particularly remarkable in New Jersey, the bluest of Democrat Socialist states, where Christie beat Corzine 49% to 44%. In Virginia, McDonnell beat Deeds by 59% to 41% in a landslide victory. But it gets even better, other Conservatives won in Virginia, Pennsylvania and other states. Clearly, the voters rejected Obama's Socialist schemes, the Trillions in deficit spending and all the bail outs. This election was absolutely a referendum on Obama.

So now the question is, are the President and the Democrat Socialist in Congress listening to these election results. I doubt it. Tea Bag Protesters were called "evil mongers" by Senator Harry Reid, the Democrat Socialist Majority Leader of the Senate. Democrat Socialist, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, referred to Tea Bag Protesters as "astro turf ". So Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi, what do you plan to call the voters that rejected your Socialist agenda now? And, why haven't we heard from President Obama. The President, who is otherwise on TV every five minutes, was no where to be found as the election results came in. Obama supposedly went to bed instead of watching election results. Now that is believable! Now, we will hear the Democrat Socialists spin this election. They will say these results had nothing to do with Obama's Socialist agenda. They will throw their state candidates under the bus and blame them for these losses. It is true that Corzine and Deeds were weak candidates; but these election results go far beyond just that. Obama was not able to get out his Peeps to vote. And, all of sudden Seniors who normally vote for Democrat Socialists, this time around voted for Republicans because of the huge cuts in Medicare in Obama's HealthScare Plan. In addition, many Independents who voted for Obama voted for Republicans in this election because they don't like the "change" they are seeing from Obama.

Clearly, the voters stood up and JUST SAID NO. No to HealthScare. No to CAP & Trade and higher energy costs. No to tax increases. No to high unemployment. And, no to Obama and the Democrat Socialists who control Congress. I want to thank all who answered my call and sent money to support Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie. Obviously, it made a difference particularly since Christie was outspent by Corzine 3 to 1. The money we sent made a difference. So now, we have to target my Senator Harry Reid who is up for re-election in 2010. Harry, we are coming after you next. We need to send Harry back to his home and retirement in Searchlight, Nevada. I have never been there; but I understand it is a two scorpion town and hell on earth out in the desert.

So when we tell Harry Reid to go to HELL, we are just telling him to go back to his home town. In any case, Senator Harry Reid is very unpopular in Nevada. Reid is vulnerable. We will have a strong Republican conservative candidate running against Reid in 2010. It will take loads of money to defeat Reid; but we can do it. Remember, all elections are national. In order to take back our country, we must do it one election at a time. All should feel very good about the victories in various states this year; but this is just the beginning of the fight that is coming in 2010. We have work to do in order to take back our country.

P.S. We need to support Mark Rubio, the Conservative Repubican running in the primary in Florida against RINO (Republican in Name Only) Charlie Christ for US Senate. Go on Rubio's web site and send him money. He is our guy.

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