Saturday, November 21, 2009

HealthScare - One Step Closer and Lawsuits

Senator Harry Reid, the Democrat Socialist Majority Leader of the US Senate was successful in pushing the Obama/Reid version of the HealthScare Plan one step closer to passage. The Senate voted 60 to 39 to continue the debate on the bill. All 58 Democrats and 2 Independents voted to go forward with debate on the Reid bill, while all 39 Republicans voted against moving forward with this particular legislation. Obviously, there is no bi-partisan agreement on HealthScare. The be clear, Republicans are not opposed to health care reform and have proposed many common sense reforms to get there; but the President and the Democrat Socialist controlled Congress are intent on building another huge government entitlement program, which will lead to the bankruptcy of the United States.

All should understand that the Obama's HealthScare Plan has nothing to do with health care reform, particularly since there is not one word in the 2000 plus pages of the law that deals with malpractice reform. Obama's HealthScare Plan, as passed in the House and under discussion in the Senate, is about redistribution of income, rationing of health care, the unionization of health care and government control of our lives. Current and future Senior Citizens will be paying to insure those that do not have insurance today as about $500 billion will be cut from Medicare. 85% of Americans that currently have insurance will pay higher premiums and taxes of one sort or another to insure the 30 million people who will receive this new entitlement. There is no free ride. If someone gets something for free, then others will be paying the bill. It really is that simple.

And, if HealthScare is enacted, all can be sure that there will be lawsuits challenging the Constitutionality of the law. Democrat Socialists, in passing HealthScare, are hanging their hats on the "general welfare" clause in the US Constitution, which they believe gives them the right to control our lives in many ways and/or to mandate health care. They will argue that this mandate, under penalty of fines and jail, is no different than requiring all who drive cars to have insurance. There is one big difference. The insurance required by law to drive a car must cover the other guy; not necessarily the driver. The state has a legitimate interest in making sure that if someone is injured and/or if there is property damage as a result of an individual driver's actions that society is protected. In this case, requiring people to buy health insurance to cover themselves or families that don't want it becomes an interesting Constitutional issue since there is no provision in the US Constitution that would allow this to happen.

We face the most dangerous times in the United States since the Civil War and World War II. This danger is not coming from an external enemy; though that danger does exist, it is instead coming from the Democrat Socialists who currently control the federal government. President Obama and the Democrat Socialist that control Congress support bigger government, higher taxes and more regulations and intrusion into our lives. Democrat Socialists do not support Free Market Capitalism; but instead advocate the redistribution of income under the banner of "social justice". The real danger we face is a loss of our freedoms. We just can't let the Democrat Socialists succeed in imposing their Socialist Schemes on the United States. We must focus on elections in all states in 2010. We must take back the Congress, State Houses and Legislatures and eventually the Presidency in 2012 to stop the fiscal insanity that is occurring in Washington and many states. We have a hard fight ahead of us because the Democrat Socialists and their big union supporters will not give up power willingly; but it a fight we must wage and win for our children and grandchildren. Our soldiers are fighting for us overseas. We must fight for our country at home to make sure that the freedoms derived by our Founding Fathers remain the foundation of our nation.

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