Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Democrat Socialists - Numbers Don't Add Up

President Obama is dismayed that the economy is worse than "anyone" thought. Obviously, Obama has not been reading my postings and/or information provided by many economists who have been saying for months that the Federal SwindleUS Plan would not bring about economic recovery. Mr. President, we all know that you suffer from narcism; but perhaps you need to stop listening to yourself long enough to hear what others are saying about the economy. Things are very bad and they are not getting any better as companies are still laying off employees because of Obama's naive and misguided policies.

Now we hear that the jobs the Obama Administration has claimed to create or save just aren't there. The numbers Obama is reporting, which are funny numbers anyway, are bogus. Well surprise, surprise. Obama claimed that if the SwindleUS Plan was passed that unemployment would cap out at 8%. Official unemployment is now at 10.2%; though the number is really above 17% when all are counted. Clearly, President Obama, who has never managed any private or public enterprise, got that one very wrong. Now the President says reporting on jobs is an "inexact science". When called on it by Fox News, Obama said it was a "side issue".

Mr. President, nearly 16 million Americans have lost their jobs; many millions since Obama was elected. I doubt very much that these numbers represent a "side issue" to people struggling to support their families. Why is it that Democrat Socialists don't do too well with numbers. I suspect the reason is that numbers eventually tell the real story. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time". Obama can only get so far with that nice smile and meaningless speeches. The President can run and he can hide; but eventually numbers surface that even the left wing liberal media can't deny.

Down at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, the Congress led by Democrat Socialist Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are now playing games with HealthScare numbers. The House plan will supposedly cost $1.2 Trillion. Reid's Senate Plan will cost $849 Billion. What a deal for taxpayers. Neither plan has dealt with the $250 Billion they want to pay doctors who are refusing to take Medicare patients now because government payments are so low. Now let's all get this straight. If HealthScare is enacted, we are all going to get more health care benefits. 31 million more people will receive government supported health insurance. At the same time, the deficit is supposed to go down by $100 Billion or more as a result of HealthScare. And these Democrat Socialists want us to believe that our cost is going to go down rather than up. Do they think the American people are stupid? Of course, those that understand the numbers are telling us that our premiums will go up substantially. Either version of HealthScare contains billions in new taxes and mandates. There will absolutely be rationing of medical care. Medicare will be cut by $500 Billion, which means that 22 million seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage HMO's. That is the real story.

What is wrong with this picture? Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Post Office, the FDIC, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are all bankrupt; yet our Democrat Socialist elected representatives expect us to believe their numbers. Medicare cost nine times the amount originally projected by the Congressional Budget Office in 1965. So, I am taking my lead from the banker to the United States; the Chinese. The Chinese government has lectured President Obama to forget about HealthScare because it will bankrupt the United States. The Chinese are concerned about that $700 Billion in US Treasury Bills that they hold because they fear that the US will default on those bonds. Since the Chinese are pretty darn smart when it comes to numbers and money, we really need to pay attention to them because Democrat Socialists that control our government are the most reckless, irresponsible bunch of politicians ever to serve in government in American history. Democrat Socialists just do not understand numbers. That should be obvious by now.

The Chinese gave Obama a dose of reality therapy during his recent trip. Now Obama claims that he is concerned about "red ink" because it could cause a "double dip recession". Mr. President, actions speak much louder than words. The Obama Administration and the Democrat Socialist controlled Congress are bankrupting the United States. The economic recovery is not happening because of Obama's Socialist Schemes. It really is that simple.

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