Monday, November 2, 2009

It's About Jobs Stupid

Years ago, James Carville, the Democrat Socialist adviser to Bill Clinton, coined the phrase, It's about the Economy Stupid when Clinton ran against the elder Bush. Though we were coming out of a recession by the time Clinton beat Bush, Clinton was able to convince the American people that he was the better choice by emphasizing the recession. George Bush I was a lousy candidate and the rest is history. Bill Clinton was elected the 41st President of the United States because he had the right message even though George Bush was far more qualified to be President.

When Barack Obama ran against John McCain, he had youth on this side, the novelty of being the first African American with the potential to be President, George Bush II who many disliked, a financial melt down etc. etc. etc. Even so, John McCain, who was a lousy candidate still got 48% of the vote to Obama's 52%. Obviously, John McCain was far more qualified to be President; but none of that mattered. Obama emphasized "change we can believe in" and now we see that Obama was really talking about enacting all his Socialist Schemes. Many of us heard exactly what Obama was saying; but obviously the majority of Americans were duped by Obama's smile, youth and charm. Most Americans who voted for Obama wanted change from George Bush; but not change that would turn the United States into a Socialist nation, which is probably the reason Obama continues to fall in the polls.

Obama and his team continue to talk about a "jobless recovery". I just don't understand how it is possible to use those two words in the same sentence. How can we have an economic recovery when there is actually 17% or more unemployment in our country? The US is a consumer driven economy. People needs jobs to have money to make purchases. It is Trickle Up Economics. This time around, It's About Jobs Stupid.

Unfortunately, President Obama and the Democrat Socialists who control the Congress are intent on passing job killer bills like the SwindleUS Plan, HealthScare, CAP and TAX, Tax Increases etc. etc. These Socialist Schemes will make it impossible to grow jobs for years to come because of the money being taken out of the private sector, except maybe government jobs, which seem to be proliferating like crazy. But remember, government does not pay corporate income taxes and so these jobs just cost the government, or us as taxpayers money, without bringing in any money in taxes. Hence the Trillions in deficits. In the mean time, many states are experiencing billions in deficits with no end in the sight. If the federal government does not bail out most states when the SwindleUS Plan expires at the end of 2010, states will have to lay off hundreds of thousands of people. While that is a good thing because spending is out of control, it does mean more job losses.

President Obama talks about creating jobs; but obviously since unemployment is so high and his SwindleUS Plan has done nothing to stop it, the President just does not understand that It's About Jobs Stupid. If Conservatives win in New York, New Jersey and Virginia, perhaps the President will get the message; but I doubt it. The President is a die hard Socialist, who is hard of learning. President Obama has not learned the lessons of Economics 101 or history. As a result, many more people will lose their jobs until someone in the White House finally recognizes that It's About Jobs Stupid.
If President Obama has read Milton Friedman while in school instead of Karl Marx, he would understand that his actions are making matters far worse.

The only way to grow the economy again is Supply Side Economics as has always been the case in the past. Taxes and regulations must be cut. The government is the problem not the solution and until the brainiacs in the White House finally get it, we will not see a sustainable economic recovery with job growth. It will just be Trillions more in deficit spending and the eventual bankrucy of the United States. Hopefully, we will take back the Congress and our country in 2010 to put an end to all of Obama's Socialist Schemes to bring about a real economic recovery; not one with 17% unemployment.

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