Thursday, November 26, 2009

Iran - Building Nuclear Weapons

Iran has been masterful at playing games with the international community for years while it continues to develop nuclear weapons. When President Obama was elected, they saw another opportunity in a weak, naive, inexperienced American President who wants to "negotiate" and or talk with them as though this has not already been happening for years. Obama thinks that a great speech and a smile is all it takes to charm our adversaries into submission. Extending a hand to radical Islamists, that support Terrorism, will only insure that eventually that hand will be cut off. Obama needs to be loved by all around the world. It probably stems from Obama's childhood when his parents abandoned him to the care of this grandparents; just a bit of psycho analysis. That would all be OK except that when the President of the United States is naive, it is dangerous to our country.

In many ways, President Kennedy caused the Cuban Missile Crisis. When Kennedy met with Nikita Khruschev in 1961, Khruschev saw Kennedy as inexperienced and weak. What followed was the Cuban Missile Crisis as Khruschev believed that Kennedy would blink. Fortunately, Kennedy was up to the task and the rest is history. It is no coincidence that the hostages in Iran were released moments after Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President. After being elected in November, Reagan signaled that if the hostages were not released, that the United States would invade Iran and depose the Ayatollah. Reagan was a tough guy when he needed to be with complete credibility; hence the hostage release which Carter, a weak and incompetent President, fumbled for more than a year, happened within minutes of Reagan putting his hand on that bible to become the President of the United States. Richard Nixon used to say that the rest of the world needed to think that the President was just crazy enough to press the nuclear button, if needed, to insure that the button would never need to be pressed.

What Nixon was really saying is that the President of the United States does not need to be loved around the world; but rather respected. Unfortunately, President Obama, who thinks he is a rock star, does not understand the distinction. Thus far, Obama has given away the store without receiving anything in exchange. Obama eliminated the missile defense system that was supposed to go into Poland and the Czech Republic, because it irritated the Russians, without getting anything in return from the Russians and Chinese who are supplying Iran. Obama is unilaterally cutting back our nuclear arsenal at a time when Iran and Korea are developing nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver them.

The reality is that if Western Countries do not act forcefully and soon, Iran will be a nuclear power within a few years and then it will be too late. It is highly doubtful that Israel will allow that to happen and/or they either have or will quickly develop nuclear weapons themselves as a deterrent. More likely, Israel is planning to attack Iran and destroy their nuclear facilities. If this happens, we will see a world crisis as the Middle East explodes. President Obama has not learned the lessons of history. If Hitler had been stopped much earlier instead of appeased, the horrors of World War II, at least in Europe, could have been avoided. President Obama has demonstrated that he is a weak President. Obama is loved around the world; but not respected, because many other countries want to see a United States that is a second rate power. It really is that simple.

The West either has to deal with Iran to stop their development of nuclear weapons, or prepare for the consequences. Iran is attempting to establish hegemony over the Middle East much the same way the Persians did when they dominated the Middle East before being conquered by Alexander the Great. The Iranians are not Arabs. They are Shia Moslem's, while most Arabs are Sunni Moslem's; sort of like the difference between being Catholic or Protestant. These Moslem religious sects are very hostile toward each other. If Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons, the Saudi's will be next because they will be just as threatened by Iran as the Israeli's. In fact, though the Saudi's will never say it, they would be very grateful if Israel acts to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities. We cannot allow Iran to establish hegemony over the region for one simple reason, OIL. For better or worse, Oil coming from the Middle East is critical to Western nations. This is true especially since Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress will not allow the proper development of current energy sources in the United States.

In any case, President Obama is naive and inexperienced, which is very dangerous. Obama clearly does not understand the history of this region. Nor does Obama understand that the only way to stop the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons is to end the talks immediately and take forceful action. Sanctions will not work unless the Russians and Chinese agree to them, which at the moment is highly unlikely because Obama has not made it clear that it is either sanctions or military action. This is the only way to get the job done. It is either act now or face more serious consequences later. This is the lesson of history.

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