Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Global Warming Treaty & Copenhagen

Next month, 192 countries will come together in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss a legally binding global climate treaty. You can bet that though President Obama did not go to Berlin to celebrate the end of Communism, Obama will go to Copenhagen to push for this climate treaty. The good news is that world leaders already acknowledge that there will be no treaty coming out of this conference. United Nations efforts to replace the Kyoto Treaty that expires in 2012 will not happen because politicians from various countries realize it would be the kiss of death during the deepest economic recession since the Great Depression. Developed nations are reluctant to limit domestic greenhouse gas emissions for fear of harming their already slumping economies. Western countries are also resisting subsidizing poorer nations. The best part of this story is that countries like China and India refuse to adopt restrictions unless wealthier nations like the US compensate them for their cost.

Is that laughable, or what? The United States cannot fund its federal annual operating expenses without borrowing trillions of dollars from rich countries like China and China wants the US to pay for their badly needed environmental restrictions. Go figure. What is frightening is that Obama might just do it. Clearly, we live in a world turned upside down by politicians like President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress who want to pass CAP & TAX in the United States, which other countries simply will not do. Fortunately, most Western countries have determined that passing similar laws, which China and India refuse to do, would amount to economic suicide. The proposed 20% greenhouse gas emission reduction by 2020 would mean the US returning to 1977 emission levels even though our economy is much bigger today. That standard would "radically change both the US economy and our personal lives" according to the National Center for Policy Analysis, a non profit organization of energy and environmental policy experts and scientists. To put it simply, it is just plain crazy.

I have been to both China and India and the pollution in those countries is indescribable. The suffocating smog is cities like Beijing is so thick that the air is brown most times of the day. In addition, there are two India's. There is the high tech India of gleaming new office buildings and Western hotels behind the walls with the guards and then there is the India of incredible squalor and filth inhabited by 80% of the people. These countries are choking in their pollution; yet they don't deal with much of it because economic development and jobs are more important. As such, the US can have no impact on global warming by imposing restrictions if other countries don't do so as well. Forgetaboutit. Not going to happen.

CAP & TAX is being blocked in the US by Senators from industrial, carbon-emitting states who are reluctant to impose regulations that will put their states at a real economic disadvantage. Democrat and Republican Senators from these states are fully aware that CAP & TAX is a job killer bill. The latest Rasmussen Poll shows that 47% of voters believe that global warming is caused primarily by long term planetary trends, not necessarily human activity. 37% of voters believe Global Warming is man made. What ever the cause of Global Warming, the US cannot unilaterally put in place laws that will result in even more jobs being off shored to countries like China where such restrictions do not exist.

We need a common sense approach to energy, which includes the development of all current sources of energy as a bridge to the future. NUCLEAR must play a big part in limiting carbon emissions as it does in France and Japan where more than 80% of their energy comes from Nuclear power plants. Clean coal, natural gas, off shore oil drilling and additional oil drilling in Alaska are all essential to US energy independence. All of this can be done in an environmentally sound way until such time in the next 20 - 50 years that newer technologies like wind, solar and bio fuels become economically feasible. Not to worry, the polar bears will be just fine. In fact, the big lie is that polar bears are threatened. Scientists are now saying that polar bear numbers are growing not shrinking. Who should we believe?

In any case, there is talk that the Obama Administration in pursuing its radical Socialist Schemes may by pass Congress and enact draconian green house gas regulations without Congressional approval. If that happens, which would not be surprising given Obama's radical positions on so many issues, it will cause a Depression in the United States as energy cost increase dramatically for all Americans. If Obama does try an end run around Congress, not that Congress is so great, Obama should be impeached. Clearly, we need a revolution at the ballot box in 2010. President Obama is a clear and present danger to the people of the United States. Every day Obama is in office brings more damage to our country and our economy. We must take back our country to stop President Obama from implementing all of his Socialist Schemes. To do otherwise is to surrender our nation to chaos and the dictates of other countries. We just can't let that happen.

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