Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obama's HealthScare - Government Gone Wild

The Democrat Socialists in the House of Representatives led by San Francisco, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi narrowly passed their version of Obama's HealthScare Plan. The Wall Street Journal described this 1,990 page HealthScare bill as the worst legislation in modern history. Democrat Socialists likened HealthScare as an accomplishment to the passage of Social Security and Medicare. While many have benefited from Medicare and Social Security, it is important to recognize that both are BANKRUPT; quite an accomplishment in deed. So if HealthScare is to be compared to Medicare and Social Security, then all should know that Medicare cost 9 times what was originally projected in 1965 by the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO projects HealthScare to cost $1.2 Trillion in the next ten years. Anyone who believes these numbers must be smoking medical marijuana. Why should anyone believe the CBO estimate when Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Post Office, Amtrac, the FDIC, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are all bankrupt. The Federal Government's track record on running social programs and many others is horrible. History really is our best teacher.

The vote was 220 for HealthScare, which included just one Republican and 215 against HealthScare, which included 176 Republicans and 39 Democrats. In fact, the only thing bi-partisan about the vote for this monstrosity is the number of Republicans and Democrats that opposed HealthScare. Otherwise, left wing Democrat Socialists came together to narrowly pass this legislation without any bi-partisan support. Think about it. Republicans represent about half the country that is totally opposed to HealthScare. Instead of compromise legislation that would represent real health care reform that could have garnered votes from 80% or more of the House of Representatives, Democrat Socialist Speaker Pelosi told the rest of the country to GO TO HELL.

Thankfully, this radical Obama/Pelosi legislation that will bankrupt the United States will never pass the US Senate as written. However, though better, the Senate version isn't wonderful either. Obama's HealthScare Plan in any version will result in rationing, significant cuts to Medicare for senior citizens, higher premiums and loads of new taxes, mandates, regulations etc. etc. Obama's HealthScare Plan has nothing to do with health care. It is instead about redistribuition of income and the unionization of the health care industry in the United States; just like in other countries. The House version has over $700 Billion in new taxes.

If there is a public option in the final bill, it will lead to the destruction of private medical insurance and a single payer government plan run by union government bureaucrats, which is exactly the Democrat Socialist's plan. If that happens, we will see exactly what has happened in Canada; death panels, waits of 4 or more months to see specialists, a doctor shortage and higher death rates for certain illnesses. This mousetrap already exists so there is no reason to assume that the situation in the US would be any different than what exists now in Canada or Britain with all their horror stories.

If HealthScare is enacted, it is estimated that 5 million jobs will be lost. Democrat Socialists pushing for all these job killer bills just do not see the correlation between their actions and rising unemployment. As the kids would say, well dah! Raising taxes, adding all kinds of regulations and mandates on business, raising energy cost etc. etc. will absolutely result in job loss. In addition, more jobs will be outsourced and pushed overseas to India and China where the fully loaded cost of an employee is about a third of what that same employee costs in the US.

We need to send responsible grown ups to Washington DC with real life experience who understand Economics 101. The elections in 2010 will be critical. We have to take back our country to stop these radical Democrat Socialists from destroying our nation. November 9 marks the 20th annivesary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which occurred in 1989. President Reagan went to Berlin during his Presidency and implored Mikael Gorbechev to "Tear Down this Wall". Reagan worked to bring down evil Communism, the extreme form of the Socialism, being advanced by Obama. We see the evil. We have to take back our country to make sure that we and our children don't live in tyranny.

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