Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah Palin - Going Rogue

The left wing media and Democrat Socialists hate Sarah Palin, the reason for their smear campaign since the day she came on to the national scene. Left wing Socialists also hated Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and George W Bush. In particular, they hate Sarah Palin because she is a Ronald Reagan Conservative Republican that speaks with complete clarity on the issues. And, in fact, Sarah Palin is the only Republican today that mirrors Ronald Reagan's Conservative political ideology and charisma and that scares the hell out of Democrat Socialists, the left wing media and the Republican establishment composed of old white men. By the way, Democrat Socialists are now calling themselves Progressives to avoid the word Socialists or liberal. Let there be no doubt, they are Socialists not Progressives, a term used to describe President Theodore Roosevelt.

All the things the Socialists are saying about Sarah Palin, that she is shallow, dumb, dim witted etc, etc., the left wing media and Democrat Socialists said about Ronald Reagan; yet he went on to win the Presidency in two landslide victories and be one of the most successful Presidents in American history. Reagan changed America and the world for the better and gave us 25 years of prosperity that out lived his Presidency. As a student and teacher of American History and Government, I know that the more the left wing media and Democrat Socialists attempt to paint Sarah Palin as an empty headed bimbo, out of their fear of her, the more popular she will become. Palin sold 300,000 copies of her book in the first week it was released. People are lining up to shake her hand. Palin can thank the left wing media and Democrat Socialists for her success because in there attempt to diminish her stature, they make her a folk hero.

The fact is that Democrat Socialists and establishment Republicans fear Sarah Palin. This woman is proving during her book tour and numerous appearances on news talk shows that she is actually very bright and knowledgeable about the issues. It is unfortunate that John McCain, who ran a lousy presidential campaign and was a horribly flawed candidate, did not allow Sarah to be Sarah. McCain probably would have lost anyway because he was such a poor candidate and was supported begrudgingly by the base of the Republican Party; but at least we would have seen the Sarah we are seeing now that she has gone rogue. Without a doubt, Sarah Palin would have made a better President than either McCain or Obama.

Sarah Palin, like Ronald Reagan, is an outsider. Palin is a common sense mom, who has successfully served in government; but has not been changed by it. Palin did not attend Ivy League schools and is not part of either the Eastern or Republican establishment. All of these facts are what make her so attractive to many people. When I hear Palin speak, I hear and see Ronald Reagan who was also under estimated by many. Yet, Reagan was a very successful two term California Governor (when California was rich and growing) and President. Reagan had Conservative convictions that were unshakable. Palin has those same convictions. The difference is that Sarah Palin is in her late 40's rather than Reagan's late 60's when he entered the national stage. This just means that Sarah Palin has plenty of time to hone her political skills, which are already pretty effective.

Sarah Palin can and may just pull together the old Reagan majority; of Conservative Republicans, Blue Dog and Blue Collar Democrats and Independents. Until someone else emerges, Sarah Palin may be the only Republican with the clear Conservative ideas, vision and the charisma necessary to wage and win a national campaign. One thing is for sure, Sarah Palin is going to be a force in American politics for many years to come. Sarah Palin will become even more credible as Obama makes a mess of the United States and she becomes a bit older with a wrinkle or two. For better or worse, a woman that is too attractive is often discounted as a serious manager.

Obama's Democrat Socialist schemes and weakness in dealing with our adversaries will lead to a lower standard of living for the American people and additional challenges overseas. As that happens, Sarah Palin is positioned to be the Ronald Reagan of the next decade. Sarah Palin connects with the average Joe, soccer mom's and family values voters all necessary to winning elections. Palin can also bring in Independents. Anyone who under estimates Sarah Palin has not learned the lessons of history. Watching Sarah Palin succeed in American Politics in the next several years will be both interesting and fun. You go Girl.

P.S. Obama continues to fall in the polls. Only 46% of Americans now approve of Obama's job performance. The bloom is off the rose. A nice smile only goes so far when real unemployment is over 17%.

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