Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Senator Harry Reid - Bad for Nevada & the Nation

After investing $13 Billion, yes that is Billion dollars, the federal government announced today that it is closing Yucca Mountain about 100 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada which was supposed to have been the national storage repository for spent nuclear fuels. This is a location in the middle of the desert impacting no cities in Nevada. Aside from the complete waste of taxpayer money and years of development, Nevada has among the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the country. As a Nevada resident, I can say that WE NEED JOBS and state tax revenues beyond that provided by the gaming industry if our state economy is ever to recover.

Democrat Socialist Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and the majority leader of the US Senate is a captive of the environmental wackos. So instead of fighting to keep Yucca Mountain open to create high paying, energy related jobs in Nevada, Reid led the charge to close it. Nevada had the opportunity to become the clean energy capital of the United States, but Senator Harry Reid was missing in action. The fact is that Nevada is rich in sunshine and thousands of square miles of desert that can be used for wind and solar power; but also to house nuclear power plants that are not near any major cities. Power produced in Nevada could be distributed through the nation's electrical grid to power electric cars, trains and whole cities. In particular, Nevada could have been the power house for bankrupt California and the rest of the West. But Senator Harry Reid just doesn't get it. The United States will never be energy independent without using nuclear, clean coal and oil reserves available in our nation as a bridge to future technologies. Democrat Socialists continue to prevent development of these energy sources, which is the basis for Obama's CAP & TAX job killer bill that will raise energy costs for all.

France, Japan and other countries primarily use nuclear power safely rather than coal or oil to power their electric plants. Nuclear is CLEAN energy that does not pollute the air and it can be the clean energy bridge to new technologies like wind and solar that are 50 or more years away. Senator Harry Reid has done Nevada and the nation an incredible disservice. Yucca Mountain should not only have been opened, it should have been expanded to create jobs in Nevada that can't be outsourced. This all could have been done safely and with little negative environmental impact.

2010 is fast approaching and the day of reckoning is coming for Senator Harry Reid. We need to boot Reid out of office when he runs for re-election next year because Reid is bad for Nevada and bad for the nation. Senator Harry Reid is a Democrat Socialist committed to enacting all of Obama's Socialist schemes. The voters in New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania JUST SAID NO this week on election day. Next year, when Senator Harry Reid runs for reelection, the voters of Nevada will say NO too. Harry start packing your bags because you will be going home to Searchlight in 2010. With a little luck, maybe we can build a nuclear plant near by to power Harry Reid's air conditioning so that he will be comfortable in retirement.

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