Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Supreme Court Justices Need More Security

There are crazy Socialist Fascist fanatics that would murder conservative Supreme Court Justices to give Joe Biden an opportunity to appoint their replacements.  One of them gave out their home addresses and as a result, there are protests happening at their homes since it is very possible that they will overturn Roe V. Wade, the ruling that made abortion the law of the land.  As such, it is very clear that all Supreme Court Justices need increased security no different than what is provided to key members of Congress and the President. 

In the meantime, the Attorney General Merrick Garland, who was once a federal judge, has done nothing to increase security for the Justices because as a Socialist Fascist Lackey, he supports the protests that are happening in front of Justice's homes.  Fortunately, Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Younkin has requested that a security perimeter be put in place by local police for those Justices that live in Virginia.  But that won't be enough. 

Ultimately, the federal government will need to pay for increased fencing around homes and all sorts of security equipment the same as occurred for Barack Obama and his Washington DC home.  When George Bush bought his home in an expensive part of Dallas in a neighborhood that was not gated, the federal government gated his street to make it much harder for anyone to come near his home.  It could be that the same thing will need to happen for Supreme Court Justices and or they need to buy homes in gated secure communities.  

This is serious business.  The federal government must act to provide around the clock bodyguards with guns for the Supreme Court Justices and their families.  If not, we will see a tragedy take place.  We can't allow that to happen if we are to have a Supreme Court that can act without regard to the passions of the mob.  

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