Friday, May 20, 2022

Socialist Fascists - "The Party of Division and Hate"

Elon Musk, who is no flaming Conservative has called the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats) "the party of division and hate", which is why he is voting Republican for the first time in his life.  This statement could not be truer. Socialist Fascists play identity politics to win elections.  Everything is about race, sexual orientation, abortion, taking our guns away, allowing illegal aliens to invade our country and defunding evil Cops trying to maintain a civil society.  Parents who protest at school board meetings are called "domestic terrorists" subject to investigation and prosecution by the FBI and Justice Department.  

In the Socialist Fascist world, there is a White Supremacist around every corner plotting to murder people of color.  Of course, the fact that Black on Black crime is the primary reason more people in our country die of murder than ever before is completely ignored.  The fact that most babies killed by abortion are babies of color is also ignored.  

The Socialist Fascist Party is dividing our nation like never before since the Civil War.  The results are riots, looting and burning down cities and businesses.  Instead of one people and one nation under God, we are hyphen Americans or people,  They now talk of supposed Replacement Theory advanced by White People.  This is a new one.  They claim White people fear being replaced by people of color.  Really!  The funny part about all of this is that Donald Trump got more Black and Hispanic votes than any other Republican Presidential candidate in American history.  And,  more and more people of color are turning Republican than ever before because Joe Biden is such a miserable failure.    

Yes, the Socialist Fascist Party (AKA Democrats) are the party of division of hate.  They are pushing Critical Race Theory, Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history indoctrination in our public schools and universities, which teaches that all White people are racist oppressors.  They are teaching kids to hate other kids and even their White parents.  Socialist Fascist oppose the traditional family as they are trying to take parental rights away from them in many states so that they can own our children.  This is right out of Adolf Hitler's NAZI playbook.  Communists around the world practice the same strategy to indoctrinate children.  

Hate is alive and well in America thanks to the Socialist Fascist Party (AKA Democrats).  Thankfully half the country and now even Elon Musk sees it.  A Red Wave is coming in elections in 2022 and 2024 to stop the hate.  It won't be easy because history teaches us that Socialist Fascists will lie, cheat and murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   They will just get more desperate and dangerous when they lose power.   

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