Monday, May 30, 2022

Colleges & Universities In The United States

Like many public school districts, most colleges and universities in the US are Woke left wing radical Socialist Fascist bastions of so called learning.  Free speech is actually not tolerated unless it is left wing Socialist or Communist speech.  Sadly, this includes many Catholic universities as well, especially those run by Jesuits.  So Conservative parents working with their children to choose universities need to be very careful about sending their kids to a school that is more of an indoctrination factory than a place committed to truth and higher learning.  

Conservative professors are not tolerated on these campuses.  Unless they remain closeted, the risk of being fired for daring to criticize Socialist and or Communist ideology being taught on campus is real.  What is really bad is that most of these universities receive federal tax dollars one way or another through research grants and or student loans used to pay their rising and exorbitant tuitions.  In other words, taxpayers are paying for this crap.  

What is really dangerous is that we are not educating kids to compete in a modern world.  It starts in our public schools that fail to educate kids.  Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Then those that do go on to college or university receive a poor education as well.  Many of these kids could not pass a very basic United States History or Government test let alone tests in Science or Math.  This is a national crisis.

Education is an annual trillion dollar industry in the United States.  And, what are we getting for it.  Poorly educated kids that believe that Socialism is the way of the future for the United States.  Since these kids are not being taught history, they just don't know that Socialism, Communism and Fascism has always led to misery, poverty and even murder of millions of people.   We have to save our country and part of the battle is taking back our public schools and universities.  It will be a tough fight because there are entrenched people feeding at the trough at every level of education that will never give up their right to indoctrinate the nation's children.  We must push back and demand accountability and truth in education.  It is the civil rights issue of this era. 

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