Friday, May 6, 2022

Biden Attacks 75 Million MAGA Voters As Terrorists

Feckless and desperate Joe Biden has attacked the 75 million Maga Voters.  It is not bad enough that Bidenistas are attacking parents that protest at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists" under potential investigation by the FBI.  Now Biden is calling all Trump voters deplorable "domestic terrorists".  Where have we heard that before like when Crooked Hillary Clinton referred to Trump Voters as a basket of deplorables.    

Joe Biden's ratings are in the toilet because of all the messes he has created; but what the Socialist Fascists are doing now is dangerous.  By calling out MAGA voters most of whom support restrictions on abortion and the likely overturning of Roe V Wade by the Supreme Court, Biden is putting a target on our backs.  No doubt, the crazies in the Socialist Fascist Party will see it as ok to attack MAGA voters.  They are already attacking the conservative Justices of the Supreme Court by giving out their home addresses.  They are just motivated enough to murder one or more of these conservative judges to give Biden opportunities to put Socialist Fascists on the Supreme Court before the Republicans take over the Senate in 2022.  

Biden and his comrades are throwing gasoline on the fire as a result of their desperation.  Chuckie Schumer is always ranting against the Supreme Court and Trump Voters too.  Socialist Fascists see the Red Wave coming that is likely to be a tsunami in 2022 and 2024 as Republicans take control of the Congress and the Presidency.  They keep trying to destroy President Trump and it is not working.  As a result, they are terrified at what is coming.  

Biden's actions combined with formation of the Ministry of Truth to regulate free speech makes all of this particularly perilous.  Our freedoms are under attack like never before.  The Socialist Fascists will turn violent in the weeks ahead.  We can expect to see riots and even murders condoned by Joe Biden.  Biden will also demand that his Justice Department go after conservatives to stop free speech.  It is coming.  Just wait and see. 

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