Monday, May 30, 2022

Radical Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) Support Defunding The Police

At a time when crime is surging in the United States and the murder rate is way up, radical Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats ) still support Defunding the Police.  Since most crimes happens in our inner cities and impact people of color worst,  they are actually harming the poor in our country.  The fact is that cops are hesitant to respond to 911 calls in our inner cities because they fear prosecution for doing their jobs.  Who could blame them.  

Black on Black crime is the single biggest reason for murders in our inner cities.  Where is the outcry.  Much of it is drug related at gangs fight for turf and innocent people often get caught in the crossfire.  How many people have to die in Blue states and cities like Chicago where crime and murders are rampant.  Far more people die in Chicago every month than die in the worst mass shooting.  Chicago and other Blue states and cities have the strictest gun laws in the country, which do not stop criminals from illegally buying or stealing guns.  So, clearly more guns laws will not stop the carnage.  

We need Cops doing their jobs to maintain any kind of civil society.  There must be Criminal Profiling to identify those most likely to commit crimes.  Certainly, those with a serious criminal record warrant some kind of surveillance to make sure they are not in possession of illegal weapons.  And, people are dying from drug abuse.  The Pushers run by the Cartels must be arrested and go to jail.  

Radical Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), BLM and Antifa, Communist Terrorist organizations pushing to Defund the Police are responsible for the deaths happening in our inner cities.  They are hurting the very people they purport to represents.  We have to make America Safe Again.  We need more Cops not fewer Cops to get the job done.  Most important, when anyone calls 911, they have a right to expect a Cop to come to their rescue even if it means killing an assailant to save lives.   

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