Thursday, May 26, 2022

Crime In America - Root Causes

Whenever we have a horrific mass shooting at a school or anywhere else, the Socialist Fascists immediately call for more gun control.  The fact is that blue states and cities have very strict gun control laws and they have the highest murder rates in the country.  So, obviously stricter laws do not end the carnage.  And, as bad as any of these mass shooting are, more people are murdered in Chicago every month than occurs in one of these mass shooting.  

Unless and until we are willing to deal with the root causes of crime in our country, we will never solve the problem.  First, many children of all colors are born to single moms with no dad in the house right into poverty.  And, while this is preferable to abortion, it does start the cycle that often leads to crime.  We must stand up for traditional families and say that having children out of wedlock is wrong.  Our public schools fail to educate millions of children especially in our inner cities.  Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level, which is a ticket to poverty.  The reforms needed to improve the quality of education are opposed by the teacher unions that own the Socialist Fascist Party (AKA Democrats) so of course nothing happens.  Further, bullying in schools leads to disaffected kids who commit these murders.  

Drug and alcohol addiction is rampant.  This often causes dysfunctional families with violence in the home.  Legalization of POT has made matters worse because it is a gateway drug.  We must secure our border to stop the drugs that are coming into our country to help stop this problem.  Joe Biden will do nothing to secure the border so once again, this is a political issue that is a cause for higher crime and more murders.  

We must face up to Black on Black crime.  The issue of Cops killing people of color is bogus.  Most Blacks that die as a result of crime are murdered by other Blacks.  A lot of this is drug related as gangs fight for turf.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and even some Republicans fear stating the obvious truth.  There is tremendous gang related violence in our inner cities.  Now that the Defund the Cop movement is being pushed by Socialist Fascists, this is likely to get worse as Cops don't aggressively police inner city streets for fear of ending up in jail themselves.  

And, then there is all the violence glorified in movies and videos games.  Killing just looks like fun.  Combining that access to violence with many mentally ill people and it is a recipe for murder.  Unless and until we face all of these truths, we will continue to have carnage on our streets.  Mass shootings will continue as deranged young people murder others.  This story is not about more gun control.  It will not solve the problem.   

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