Tuesday, May 24, 2022

School Shootings in Texas - When Will We Learn

So here we go again.  We had another mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas by a deranged gunman who also killed his grandmother before his rampage at the school.  Of course, instead of bringing our country together in a time of tragedy, Joe Biden and his Socialist Fascist pals in government and Fake News immediately call for more gun control, which will do nothing to prevent violence, except insure that law abiding citizens are prevented from owning guns.  The reality is that we live in a dysfunctional society created by left wing permissiveness.  Most children today of all colors are born to single moms with no dads in the home, which is a road to poverty and misery.  This recent gunman was just another example.  

Drugs and alcohol addiction are rampant.  Most of our public schools do not educate children, which leads to increased poverty and dysfunction.  So these mass shootings are a product of our sick society.  What we need to do is make sure that all schools are hardened sites using technology and barriers to insure security.  Nobody should be on a school campus without coming through a locked, manned gate, or front door.  There must be security guards at every school with guns to take down a would be shooter as soon as the threat is evident.  They must shoot to kill to prevent a tragedy.  I certainly would want that if my grandchildren were threatened by a lunatic.  

Volunteer Teachers, that may own guns anyway, who qualify by training should be allowed to have guns locked in classroom cabinets in the event it is necessary to protect students.  Minutes matter so reaction time is critical.  Students need to be under desks in locked rooms if there is a shooter on campus.  Parents can also buy bulletproof book bags that kids can use as shields.   These book bags can be provided to poor kids if their parents cannot afford to buy them.  

Waiting for law enforcement to respond to a 911 call is not good enough.  We waste a tremendous amount of money on four layers of education bureaucracy.  Clearly, some of those positions need to be eliminated to fund school site security.   There is no need for one more tragedy; but it requires federal, state and local action to stop it from happening.  So far, local school boards and various levels of government have failed to protect children.   It is intolerable.   

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