Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Socialist Fascists Running On Killing Innocent Babies & The January 6th Riot

Socialist Fascists see a Red Wave coming because they are facing a perfect storm of increasing inflation, probable recession, rising interest rates, foreign policy disasters, public schools uprisings, crime wave, invasion at our border, their President with dementia etc. etc.  Joe Biden has made a mess of everything he has touched and as a result his ratings are in the toilet.  So, they literally have nothing positive to run on.  The upcoming Supreme Court ruling presumably overturning Roe V Wade is a God Send to the Socialist Fascists.  They are seeing it as their life boat. 

For the next several months running right to the November election all they will scream about is abortion and the January 6th riot to stir up their base of fanatics.  We will see Fake News ranting and raving constantly.  These two stories will be their only message to deflect from all of Biden's messes.  There will be riots in the streets fanned by Socialist Fascists to protest the Supreme Court decision.  The fact that overturning Roe will do nothing to end abortion in America does not matter.  Blue States will go even more radical approving abortion right up until birth and even after if they have not already done so.  Most Red States will probably follow the Texas or Mississippi models restricting abortion as soon as heartbeat is detected at around 6 weeks, or at 15 weeks.  A few Red States will ban abortion.  

Since half of abortions today happen with the abortion pill not surgical procedures, abortionists in Blue States will use telemedicine to get pills to women in restricted states.  Of course, that will be subject to court challenges; but it will go on anyway. 

Always remember, Socialist Fascists and their supporters will lie, cheat and steal to stay in office feeding at the trough.  They are desperate because they see the Red Wave coming and they know it will be a tsunami that will sweep many of them away.  So expect them to pull out all the stops on the abortion issue and the January 6th riot.  It will get very old and by the election in November; most people will know the truth and be sick of it.  You can only cry wolf so many times before people realize there is no wolf.  

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