Monday, May 9, 2022

Baby Formula Shortages - Let's Go Brandon

Parents all over the country are in a panic because they cannot get the baby formula they need to feed their infants.  I don't ever recall a shortage like this happening related to anything in my entire lifetime.  This has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine.   How can it be that multiple companies that produce baby formula all of a sudden can't get it out the door.  What the hell is happening in our country.  

Joe Biden is the Most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter.  Let's Go Brandon!   This is a national emergency worse than Covid.  Biden needs to bring all companies that produce baby formula to the White House to fix this problem, or at least explain what the problem is that is causing these shortages.  People are buying baby formula wherever they can find it and shipping it to relatives.  There is hoarding going on.  And, of course the racketeers are now involved selling baby formula to desperate parents at outrageous prices. 

Inflation is killing everybody in America and especially the poor.  It is one thing to buy meat substitutes like chicken if the price of meat becomes impossible to buy; but not being able to buy baby formula when there is no substitute is an impossible situation.  

Joe Biden must RESIGN.  This demented imposter has made mess of our country.  Years ago in 1974, I was in the Soviet Union and I saw the lines of people waiting to buy rationed food.  I never thought I would see this happening in the United States, the land of plenty.  Biden and his Socialist Fascist Pals have to go.  We need President Trump back in office to clean up the messes Biden has created.      

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