Friday, May 20, 2022

Joe Biden Processing Illegal Aliens

Bidenistas are focused on efficiently processing all illegal aliens that cross our border not securing the border.   Joe Biden and his idiot Secretary of Homeland InSecurity Alejandro Mayorkas have opened the floodgates telling illegal aliens from all over the world to "come on in".  Their goals is to efficiently process the illegal aliens that turn themselves in seeking "asylum", which is a scam in just a few days to ship them off to cities all over the United States.   

Of course, the criminal illegal aliens entering our country are not turning themselves in.  They are in the thousands of "get aways" every month that escape the border patrol.  They are the Cartel's drug runners that are bringing the illegal drugs coming into our country that are killing thousands of our people every month.  They are also the Terrorists out to destroy our country.  In all, about 2 million illegal aliens have entered our country since Joe Biden took office with no end in sight.  

When the Republicans take back control of the Congress in 2022, they must impeach incompetent, feckless Joe Biden for failing to enforce our immigration laws.  All Presidents swear an oath to protect and preserve our nation.  Joe Biden is doing everything he can to destroy our nation.  If Biden is not forced to resign as a result of his family's corruption, he must be removed from office by either the 25th Amendment for his dementia and or because Biden continues to violate our laws.   We can't take three more years of Joe Biden.  The damage to our country is just too great.   

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