Sunday, May 22, 2022

Great Teaching Is Not Indoctrination

Years ago when I earned my Standard Secondary Teaching Credential from Cal State that allowed me to teach junior and senior high school in California, we were taught that the teacher's role was to teach critical thinking.  That meant that we were not there to teach kids what to think, but rather how to think.  And, that especially when discussing controversial issues, our job was to present both sides of the argument, without taking a position, so that kids could form their own opinions through critical thinking skills.  That was the very definition of great teaching.

Even though I was a liberal Democrat back then before my conversion to Conservative Republican thinking when Ronald Reagan, my hero came on the scene,  I never pushed my liberal or Conservative ideology on my students.  Sadly, that has all changed today.  Now, many teachers  tend to be left wing Socialists (AKA Democrats) that believe their job is to create more left wing Socialists.  They are atheists, support Critical Race Theory Marxist racist, revisionist fake history and are pro-choice, anti-gun, against secure borders, against traditional families and are advocates of the radical LGBTQIA agenda, all of which they push on kids.  

Socialist Fascist beliefs are protected by our Constitution, however, when these left wing Socialist teachers are in a classroom paid for with taxpayer dollars, they should not be indoctrinating children with their left wing Socialist ideology.  The Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history is indoctrination not education.  Further, openly pushing the radical LGBTQIA agenda in public and even some private schools and many Universities is way over the top.  It is criminal malpractice. 

In the old days, teacher unions focused on wages, benefits, pensions and better working conditions, which is generally the mission of any union.  Today, however, teacher unions support woke Socialist Fascist curriculum that pushes their left wing ideology, including all the culture war issues in the classroom.  The lessons I learned when I got my Standard Secondary Teaching Credential are long lost.  And so we have moved from Great Teaching to Socialist Fascist indoctrination.  

The end result are kids that cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids that are way below grade level because the objective today is not learning; but rather turning out little Socialist Fascist ideologues.  This is a national crisis and the reason we are seeing the battles going on at school board meetings across the country.  Parents and other concerned citizens just want great teaching not indoctrination.  We have to get back to educating kids with a classical liberal arts education to make them well rounded citizens able to think for themselves.   This is a battle that must be fought for the benefit of children and our nation.   It is the Civil Rights issue of this era.  

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