Saturday, May 28, 2022

Owning Guns In America

When adding the Bill of Rights to the US Constitution, James Madison who wrote both included the Second Amendment, the right to own guns.  It is important to recognize how important Madison and the Founding Fathers thought of gun rights making it the Second Amendment right after the First guaranteeing freedom of speech, press and religion.  Our Founding Fathers did not include the Second Amendment in the Constitution to protect the rights of hunters.  It was included because shortly before they had broken the chains of tyranny imposed by Britain in the American Revolution.  Our Founding Fathers saw gun rights as critical to maintaining our freedoms. 

There are about 118 million people in the United States that own nearly 400 million guns and that number is growing because of rampant crime.   Obviously, very few of those guns are ever used in a crime.  In fact, most of the guns used in criminal activity are illegally owned guns often stolen, or bought on the open market in Blue cities and states where guns laws are very strict.  About 50% of gun deaths are by suicide.  Mass shootings, which began about 20 years ago with the demise of the family, however horrific are actually pretty rare.  In fact, most mass shootings are committed by deranged young men between the ages of 16 and 25 who grew up in dysfunctional families and were often bullied while in school.  Most other gun deaths are the result of criminal activity, often Black on Black crime that primarily happens in our inner cities usually related to drug sales and turf wars. 

None of these facts matter because totalitarian Communist, Fascist and Socialist Countries always prohibit gun ownership because they fear an armed populace that could rise up against their tyranny just as our Founding Fathers anticipated.  And so here we are today.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats ) in the US would eliminate the 2nd Amendment if they could make it happen because they too fear an armed populace that is sick and tired of government overreach.  Covid was the best example of what a tyrannical government can do in the name of a "crisis".  They shut down the entire economy including schools for two years.   Thousands of small businesses closed for good, which only benefited the largest companies in America that support Socialist Fascists in government because together they control all facets of daily life.  

Our Second Amendment rights are critical to maintaining our freedoms.  We can never let the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats ) eliminate the right to own guns in America.  Instead, we need to deal with the societal problems that exist in our country and the evil that comes from family dysfunction that usually results in poverty.    

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