Friday, February 1, 2013

US Unemployment Rises To 7.9%

Even after spending a Trillion Dollars on Socialist President Obama's SwindleUS Plans, unemployment rose from 7.8% to 7.9% in January.   Only 157,000 jobs were added in January.   We need to add 300,000 or more jobs every month to make any dent in unemployment to get the 23 million Americans that are either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or those who have just given up looking for work altogether, back to work.   This really should be no surprise to anyone. 

Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress are job killers.   We will not see unemployment go down dramatically because ObamaCare and other higher taxes kicked in as of January, in addition to ending the Payroll Tax Holiday.   These new taxes, combined with the actions of the EPA Gestapo using Executive Orders, or other regulations to delay, or make new energy production difficult, if not impossible, are what is retarding economic growth and killing jobs.   Well dah!!

Socialists like Obama, who have never worked in the private sector, just don't have a clue about job creation.   Bigger government, higher taxes and more regulations kill jobs.  It really is pretty simple.   This is just Economics 101.  Oh wait a minute, Obama never took and passed Economics 101.   Obama cares more about practicing Class Warfare to win elections than actually restoring economic growth and job again in America. 

This is one of the reasons Obama allowed his Jobs Council, filled with corporate CEO's, that he never really met with, go away this month.   Obama wants more misery in an attempt to win back the House of Representatives in 2014 so he can "transform" our country into a Socialist nation with more of his PEEP's on the dole, one way or another.  

Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke are destroying the value of the dollar.  Incomes in real terms keep falling.  ObamaCare will be a disaster for most Americans as health care costs keep rising.   This is what we all have to look forward to in the next four years.   Just more of the same misery for the American people.   Too bad the misery is not  confined to Obama's voters who deserve what they get. 

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