Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Post Office - Irrelevant Pork Barrel Spending

The bankrupt US Post Office announced that they must stop mail delivery on Saturdays to save $2 Billion a year.   Since the Post Office lost nearly $16 Billion in 2012, what else could they do.   No doubt, government union employee compensation and benefits are probably unsustainable, which is contributing to the problem.  The question is, except for the union members that work for the Post Office, who cares if Saturday delivery ends?   Hopefully, it means less junk mail. 

Since the price of a first class stamp has gone up to nearly 50 cents, this Blogger, along with millions of other Americans pays bills by automatic debt.   Email is used as the preferred mode of communicating information, not letters.   If it positively has to be there over night, more often than not, it goes Fed Ex, or UPS, not my snail mail.  And, who the heck wants all the junk mail that comes in our mail boxes anyway.   Talk about a waste of money, energy, paper and trees.  Junk mail is bad for the environment.  

The reality is that the Post Office, created more than 200 years ago for a different era, is quickly becoming irrelevant.   And, let there be no doubt that the Post Office is just one more form of pork barrel spending to support hundreds of Post Office locations around the country that make no economic sense.   This is more about local union jobs than delivering the mail.   In fact, people that live in rural areas should have P.O. Boxes at Wal Mart, or other local stores, rather than normal mail delivery that is costly and inefficient. 

It is time to rethink the Post Office along with every federal government agency, commission, department and program.  We need the Post Office of tomorrow, not the Post Office of the 19th century.  Many government functions need to be eliminated get federal government spending down from Obama's 25% of GDP, to the more customary 18%.   The Post Office is just symthomatic of a much bigger problem.   The federal government is too big, which of course is causing federal spending that is bankrupting our country.   It has to stop and soon if we are to prevent the economic collapse of the United States. 

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