Monday, February 25, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson & The American Dream

This Blogger loves American Dream stories and there are so many, including my own.   This one involves Dr. Ben Carson, who was born in Detroit and grew up in poverty.   His divorced mother, who only had a third grade education, worked as a maid to support her family.   Little Ben was not a very good student and many thought he was just dumb and a trouble maker; but thankfully his mother knew better.   Even though she could not read very well herself, Carson's mother insisted that Ben and his brother turn off the TV and start reading books.  At first Ben was resistant, but then Ben Carson realized that he could discover the world through books.   

Ben Carson went on to graduate from high school with honors and then went to Yale to pursue Psychology and later the University of Michigan to study medicine becoming a neurosurgeon.  Soft spoken Carson was so good at his work in medicine that at 33 years old, he became the youngest head of any department, Pediatric Neurosurgery, at prestigious John Hopkins Medical Institution in Baltimore, one of the finest hospitals in the country.   Dr. Carson has been recognized for his contribution to our country by earning the Presidential Medal of Freedom bestowed by President Bush.   This is quite an honor for a kid from the ghetto that seemingly had no hope.    

Dr. Ben Carson is brilliant, articulate and a believer in free market capitalism and limited Constitutional Government.   This is the same Dr. Carson who recently spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, in Socialist President Obama's presence, as he lectured the President on freedom, American exceptionalism, the need for smaller government and lower taxes.   Suffice to say, Obama was very uncomfortable throughout the entire speech because Dr. Carson is the antithesis of Obama.   By the way, I forgot to mention that Dr. Ben Carson happens to be African American,  maybe because it really doesn't matter.  

President Obama and Dr. Ben Carson are both very smart Americans.   The difference between them stops at their IQ's.  Obama as a Socialist is working hard to create more government dependence that will bankrupt our country.   Carson, as a Free Market Capitalist, sees government dependence as the problem, not the solution.  It is just too bad that 51% of the American people elected the wrong first African American President.  Who knows, there is always 2016 to get it right. 

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