Thursday, February 28, 2013

Obama's Sequestration Propaganda

Socialist President Obama has had to pull back from his Sequestration Propaganda and scare tactics because cutting about $44 Billion this year, $85 Billion over 12 months, out of almost $4 Trillion ($4000 Billion) in spending in 2013-14, is not going to amount to a hill of beans.   Even with these cuts, the federal government will spend more this year than last year.   It is all a bunch of baloney.  There will not be Armageddon on March 1 when the Sequester kicks in.   The Republicans called the President's bluff and now the President is worried that very few Americans will actually feel the loss of about 2% in federal government spending over ten years.  

In fact, the $1.2 Trillion cut by Sequestration, over ten years, is out of about $45 -  $50 Trillion that will be borrowed, taxed and spent in the next ten years.  It is not a big deal.  We actually have to cut much more to get our fiscal house in order, which must include both tax and Entitlement Reform. 

To put this in perspective, a dual income family earning $100,000 a year would have to cut about $2,000 in discretionary spending to accomplish the same level of spending cuts in a 12 month period.   That might mean a few less trips to Starbucks, MacDonald's and the movies each month; but life would not end.   No one in the family would starve, go without clothing, or heat in the winter.  Obama over played his hand when he described thousands of local government lay-off's that will not happen because they have nothing to do with the Sequester. 

Also, the Sequester does not involve Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Disability Benefits, Veterans Benefits, or Food Stamps, so no cuts in those programs.  So granny is not going over the cliff and the poor will still be getting their food, housing, medical care and medicine.  Let's face it, cutting 2% in government spending over ten years is peanuts and can easily be accomplished by ending redundant programs, agencies, commissions, departments and normal attrition.   It is not the end of the world unless you are a Socialist, like Obama and his pals in Congress, committed to higher taxes, public employee union employees and bigger government. 

Do we really need 5,000 employees at the Department of Education to hand out about $68 Billion to local public schools, this year, one way or another.   By the way, the Department of Education is the smallest federal government department at 5,000 employees, which is up from about 4,000 a few years ago.  We can eliminate the Department of Education altogether and put a couple hundred people back at Health and Human Services, where they used to be, to hand out this money.   Related to the monies going to local public schools, 50% could go directly to school districts based on average daily attendance.   The other 50% should go to schools in lower income inner cities to provide more assistance to kids that test below grade level.  

College loans can and should be done by banks, not the federal government, even if guaranteed by the federal government, as was always the case before Obama nationalized the Student Loan Program.   Certainly, school districts, charged with the responsibility of educating children, can figure out how best to spend the money without federal government supervision.   The same could be said for many federal departments that are a duplication of what happens at the state and local level.   We just don't need this much government.  

And, then there is normal attrition.   There are about 2.65 million federal civilian employees.   And, though most don't quit because they are being paid about 40% more in compensation and benefits than is common in the private sector, it is very likely that about 300,000 retire each year, or die on the job.   All we need to do to achieve the savings in the Sequester is not fill these jobs when vacated.   Life will not end.   In fact, trust me, we will not even know they are gone.

Socialist President Drama Obama is always out to turn every interaction in Washington into a crisis to raise taxes.   There is no crisis, just more Obama propaganda.   Congress needs to give the President the authority to pick and choose those things that should be cut because they are a complete waste of money, rather than have across the board cuts that may make no sense.   Can we please just have some common sense in Washington DC, rather than constant Obama hoopla.   We are mad as HELL and we just can't take it anymore.   

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