Monday, February 11, 2013

Obama Calls For New SwindleUS Plan

Even though the Socialists rammed through a Trillion dollars in SwindleUS Plans that did nothing to restore our economy or create jobs,  President Obama is calling for another SwindleUS Plan.   It is fiscal insanity.  Don't forget this is the President that added $6 Trillion to our National Debt in his first term in office.    At the same time, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives recently said the federal government does not have a "spending problem"; but rather a just a "budget deficit problem".  

Clearly, Pelosi is either an idiot, or a moron, which every category is dumber; but this one is a topper.   This was the same woman who said of ObamaCare, that no one in Congress read,  "that they needed to pass the bill to know what is in it".   Can there be anyone dumber in Washington DC than Pelosi; sadly the answer is Yes. 

If spending more on SwindleUS Plans did any good, Japan which has been borrowing and spending money on a variety of pork barrel projects for more than 10 years should be booming; yet companies continue to leave Japan.   Instead, what has happened in Japan is a National Debt at more than 200% of their GDP, (the US is currently a little more than 100% of our GDP), structural unemployment, higher taxes and a lower standard of living for the Japanese people.   This is where the United States is headed if Obama is allowed to continue his deficit spending trajectory adding a trillion dollars to our National Debt each year on the road to bankruptcy.  

Republicans better stand up and say HELL NO.   No more SwindleUS Plans.   No more trillion dollar annual deficits.   We need a ten year plan to pay off our National Debt.   The adults in Washington need to take over once and for all.   Socialists, like Obama and his pals in Congress, will lie, cheat, borrow and steal to stay in office feeding at the trough.   They just don't care if they cause the economic collapse of the United States.  Somebody needs to care.  Let us hope that the Republicans in Congress dig in and stop Obama from bankrupting our country.   The Republicans in the House of Representatives are our only hope.  God help us all. 

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