Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vice President Biden - Buy A Shot Gun

Socialist Vice President Joe Biden, again putting both his feet in his mouth, told us that he advises his wife to take their 12 gauge shot gun and fire it off their home balcony in the air in the event an intruder enters their home.  Boy that makes sense, doesn't it.   A double barrel shot gun holds two bullets, I think.   So assuming the assailants in Biden's home are not frightened off by the noise, then what.   It is unlikely that Mrs. Biden would have time to reload that gun, which means she could be facing the bad guys with no defense.   By the way, it is illegal to fire a gun indiscriminately in Delaware, Mr. Vice President, so it would be a crime for Mrs. Biden to just fire a gun in the air.  

Most important, Mrs. Biden would be far better off with a semi automatic  revolver (you know the kind Obama/Biden want to ban) with as many rounds in it as possible because if someone is attacked in their home, or on the street, there might not be time to save your life to insert a new magazine if you run out of bullets.  Who knows how many bullets it might take to stop an assailant, or multiple assailants to protect yourself and your family.   Further, you may need loaded magazines nearby to reload quickly in the event there are multiple assailants in your home. 

Socialist President Obama and Vice President Biden and their families rightly have body guards around them at all time, carrying semi automatic weapons with large magazines because there are lunatics, anarchists, or Terrorists that would try to kill them all if they were not protected 24/7.   We certainly would never limit the kind of guns that the Secret Service can carry to protect our elected representatives.   But, the reality is that to each of us, our families are just as important as the President, or Vice President and their families.  

With proper background checks and no record of purchase, there should be no limit on the type of guns law abiding American citizens can buy, in accordance with the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.   Remember, in America, we are presumed innocent unless proven guilty, not the other way around.   99.9% of gun owners have never murdered, or threatened to murder anyone, so there is no reason our rights should be limited.   The kind of armed protection that is good for President Obama, Vice President Biden and their families is good for the American people. 

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