Friday, February 8, 2013

Socialist Obama Crying Wolf - Nothing New

Socialist President Obama is crying wolf. taking about all the federal jobs and programs that will be cut if the $1 trillion Sequester goes into effect as of March 1, if Socialists and Republicans in Congress don't reach another  deal.   Obama is doing this not because he really wants to cut government spending; but because he is trying to ram through more job killing tax increases in addition to what he got in the Fiscal Cliff Deal and ObamaCare.   Please folks and Republicans in Congress don't fall for it.  Always remember Socialists like Obama will lie, cheat or steal to stay in office feeding at the trough.   This is just more of the same. 

Here is the reality.   If the sequester kicks in on March 1, just one trillion dollars will be cut in the next ten years; 50% from Defense and 50% from other government programs.  Life will go on.   This is just a 100 billion dollars a year; chump change in government spending that is likely to top $40 trillion in the next ten years.   If the Obama trajectory is allowed to continue, we will see another $10 trillion added to the National Debt in the next ten years.   Cutting just one trillion dollars over ten years will do very little to end Obama's deficit spending that is bankrupting our country.   We need to cut at least $5 trillion of spending, in the next ten years, to make any real dent in our National Debt. 

We need major Entitlement Reform related to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and federal pensions to deal with the fiscal mess we face.   Of course, Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress will never agree to meaningful Entitlement Reform, or cutting spending to end these annual trillion dollar deficits that will cause the economic collapse of the United States.   And, raising taxes further will just cause more job loss; so really dumb.   Don't get crazy when you hear Socialist Obama crying wolf.   It is just more of the same Class Warfare baloney.  

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