Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sequester Fiasco & Propaganda

As we go from Drama Obama's Crisis to Crisis, the latest Fiasco in Washington is the forced Sequester that would cut about a $1.2 Trillion in spending in the next 10 years, out of more than $40 Trillion that will be borrowed and spent by the Federal Government.   This will result in just $85 Billion in cuts in 2013, primarily from Defense and other Discretionary spending, which does not include any Entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicaid, Disability payments etc.   The problem is that it is across the Board cuts, rather than the ability to eliminate entire redundant programs, agencies, commission and or departments that is what really should be happening.   And, of course, none of these cuts deals with common sense Entitlement Reform that is needed to save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from bankruptcy. 

So naturally, the Campaigner and Chief, Drama Obama is out on the campaign trail trying to scare the American people into persuading Republicans in Congress to agree to even higher taxes than the $2 Trillion in tax increases that Obama already got in the ObamaCare and Fiscal Cliff deals.  These tax increases are job killers so of course, the Republicans should say NO under any circumstances to higher taxes unless we get common sense Entitlement and Tax Reform as part of a much bigger deal. 

Instead, the Republicans should provide the President and the various government departments with the authority to cut costs as they so choose, rather than across the board, provided that the $1.2 Trillion in cuts is achieved in the next ten years; perhaps at the rate of $120 billion a year.   By the way, though Socialist President Obama seems to have amnesia, this Sequester Fiasco, which he now calls evil, was his big idea in the first place.  Cutting $120 Billion a year out of the nearly $4,000 Billion ($4 Trillion) spent each year is peanuts.   This is pencil money.  

The reality is that Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress do not want to cut spending at all.   So what's new.  Obama has a one track Class Warfare mind as he constantly seeks tax increases on the "rich", those making more than $250,000 a year, which includes about 1 million small businesses and now Corporations that already pay the highest income tax rates in the world.   Obama is a liar and a demagogue more interested in campaigning to destroy the Republican Party than in governing.   This Man/Child continues to prove everyday that he is no Ronald Reagan, or even Bill Clinton, both of whom were competent at governing our nation.   With Drama Obama, it is just one crisis after another and this Sequester Fiasco is just one more example. 

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