Friday, February 15, 2013

Obama's Ladder Of Opportunity

In his recent campaign tour through Chicago, the Community Organizer and Chief, Socialist President Obama spoke of creating a "Ladder of Opportunity" to get his PEEP's, the Takers in society, into the Middle Class.   Of course, Obama's solution is more government spending, more government programs and more government involvement in daily life.   Since Trillions of dollars have already been spent trying to eliminate poverty, during the New Deal and the Great Society, if just growing government and adding more programs worked, poverty should have been eliminated long ago. 

So, just throwing more money at the problem will not solve the problem.   All it does is create more jobs for government union employees.  The poverty rate is higher today, even after Obama's Trillion Dollar, borrow and spend SwindleUS Plans, than when Bush II was President.  Instead, we need to break the cycle of poverty and it starts with not rewarding single women to have children out of wedlock.   And, if we are going to provide Welfare, it should be conditioned on kids staying in school to bring down our national 25% drop out rate.   Further, Welfare recipients should be going to school to learn a trade as a condition of receiving benefits.  

Specific to gun violence in the inner city, we must get tough on gang bangers no matter how politically incorrect it may be.   Many of these characters should be in jail.  We also have to stop the drugs that are coming across our border to end the drug wars in our inner cities.  Finally, we have to reform our public schools allowing for School Choice in the event a school is failing children.   Poor teachers must be fired.   We need merit pay to reward really good teachers.  This all means dealing with Teacher Unions.  

If Obama is serious about creating a Ladder of Opportunity for his PEEP's, the Takers in society, just doing more of the same will produce the same poor results that have occurred for the past 60 years.   We need new thinking to deal with poverty in America.   Don't count on it coming for President Obama and his Socialists pals in government.   This is a real opportunity for Republicans to put forth new ideas.   Certainly, somebody has to do it.

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