Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston - Death Of A Diva

All Americans should be saddened by the death of Whitney Houston, who was a gifted, talented, beautiful woman.  This Blogger, who loves and appreciates music of all kinds, believes that life is no accident and that God creates these special one of kind talents as a gift to all of us.   There is a passage in the Bible that says God knew you before you were you; that means before conception.   Whitney Houston was a one of a kind talent, created by God, with a a special voice that only comes along once in a generation.   She was not only a daughter of New Jersey, as proclaimed by Governor Chris Christie, Whitney Houston was a daughter of our country and is therefore a loss to our entire nation and the world.  Whitney Houston is with God that she loved and God that created her; but it is a real loss for all of us that loved her music. 

While we should be saddened by Whitney Houston's death at just 48 years old,  we should also be very angry because it was drug abuse that caused this premature death.  Every time a high profile personality is lost to drug abuse, we need to remember that thousands of families every year lose loved ones to drug abuse.  Those of us that revere life from conception to death should do everything we can to prevent these needless deaths.   Ironically, many Hollywood types regularly use legal and illegal drugs to get high and have a good time.   Apparently, it isn't enough that they are rich and famous, which should give them happiness.  These personalities, who often think they are smarter than the rest of us, are always searching for more.  Singer Tony Bennett's crazy reaction to Whitney Houston's death was that illegal drugs should be legalized.  Many left wing liberals and even Conservative Ron Paul favor legalization of drugs.  What are they thinking?

Those that encourage their family members, friends or loved ones to use drugs, as was the case with Whitney Houston, as well as, the drug pushers that sell illegal drugs are guilty of murder when someone dies of drug abuse and should be arrested and tried as complicit in a wrongful death.   Doctors that continue to prescribe legal drugs, that are addictive, when they know the person is addicted to drugs should lose their licences and go to jail when a death occurs from an overdose.   Deaths that are the result of drug abuse don't have to happen.   They occur because legal and illegal drugs are readily available to people with money and/or criminals who steal to pay for their drugs and because their families don't do enough to intervene when they see a loved one slipping away.  

The cost to our nation related to drug abuse and illegal drugs is huge.  Aside from the deaths that occur every year as result of drug overdose, our inner cities are a war zone where murders are common.  Our courts and jails are full of people convicted of selling drugs.  Our inner city hospitals continue to treat people, often at taxpayer expense, for both drug overdose and drug related crimes.   Drug addiction causes family dysfunction, which directly impacts generations of children that are often living in poverty on Welfare and Food Stamps.  The trickle down impact of illegal drugs and drug addiction in our country touches all of us in one way or another.  Yet many in our society, including our elected representatives, look the other way and do nothing to solve this problem.

It has to stop.  We must secure our border to stop the illegal drugs that are entering our country.  We have to help Mexico destroy the drug cartels there that are killing both Mexicans and our people.  The illegal drugs entering our country are killing Americans, devastating our inner cities and costing American taxpayers billions of dollars each year.  There must be far more control of legal addictive drugs.  Doctors that regularly prescribe legal drugs must come under more scrutiny and face jail time.   We see the impact when a high profile personality dies of drug abuse; but thousands of people are dying every year of drug related causes.  It has to stop.      

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