Thursday, February 2, 2012

Conservative Solutions For Dealing With Poverty

After spending Trillions of dollars to deal with poverty in America since 1965, the poverty rate under Socialist President Obama is the highest in American history.   So much for hope and change!! Those on Food Stamps have grown since Obama was elected from 26 million people to 46 million Americans with projections that as many as 80 million Americans may soon be on Food Stamps.   Obviously, New Deal, Great Society and Obama Socialist programs have failed to address poverty in the United States.  As such, it is now time for Conservatives to provide free market solutions to deal with poverty in America. 

1. Let's start with Workfare, instead of Welfare.   To receive Welfare, for a fixed period of time, perhaps 2 years, recipients should either be required to learn a trade, or implement janitorial services to maintain the areas where they live, which are often filthy inner city locations.   There is no excuse for our inner cities being dirty when people living there are often on the dole.   Further, anyone addicted to drugs should be ineligible for Welfare unless he or she is in a program to break the habit.   And, if parent's are addicted to drugs, their children should be placed in foster care until they are clean. 

2. Next, Conservatives should advocate School Vouchers to allow the poor to get their kids out of failing public schools.  It is critical that the cycle of poverty be broken.   That will only happen if poor kids can get a good education, which includes moral values and either prepares them for university or vocational education.  This is not happening today in inner city public schools, in business to benefit union teachers, not inner city poor kids. 

3. Our border must be secured, both to prevent the number of illegal aliens from entering our country requiring government services and to stop the flow of drugs from entering our country that are destroying our inner cities.   Drugs tie to crime and gangs in the inner city, which has made many US inner cities a war zone.   This has to stop to provide a safe and secure environment for the poor living in the inner city. 

4. Since many living in poverty are senior citizens, the government should allow working Americans to take a tax deduction of up to $10,000 a year for providing direct support to seniors living in poverty.  This would be in addition to the deduction that may be allowed if a senior citizen, living with family members or others, is listed as a dependent.  This will become increasingly important as 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring each day. 

5.  Those people adopting foster children should be allowed a $20,000 tax deduction in the year of adoption, along with the actual cost of adoption, in addition to the normal deduction allowed for additional children living in the home. 

6.   Companies hiring someone on Welfare should receive a $20,000 tax deduction in the year of hire. 

7.   The federal government should shift many government programs, to help the poor, to well established and reputable, faith based charities by using block grants to fund the assistance.  Charities always do a better job than government in using these monies to actually help the poor rather than paying for government bureacracy.

It is very clear that Socialist Schemes to deal with poverty have only made matters worse.  It is time for tough love and intervention to break the poverty chain, not more of the same Socialist feel good schemes that maintain a permanent under class in our country.  Most important, we need to restore economic growth and jobs again in our country to ultimately help the poor.   None of these things will happen as long as Socialists remain in power, which is the reason we must sweep Socialists at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office in 2012 and 2014. 

The Republican candidate for the Presidency, who ever he turns out to be, must articulate new ideas and solutions to deal with poverty in America, not more Socialist Schemes.   Same old, same old, business as usual Welfare, Food Stamps and Public School funding is not the answer.  While Socialist poverty pimps, feeding at the trough, continue to push for these programs as the basis of their wealth, as they live off the misery of the poor; we Conservatives must appeal directly to the poor to help them understand that their future lies with our constructive solutions and not more of the same government dependency that is a road to no where.  

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