Sunday, February 19, 2012

Republican Presidential Nomination - A Brokered Convention

The odds are pretty good that no candidate for the Republican Presidential Nomination will have the delegate votes needed to gain the nomination on the first vote at the Convention in Tampa.   The lame stream left wing media and their Socialists allies in government are trying to make this sound like the end of the road for Republican Party.  Nonsense!!  It is true that if Governor Mitt Romney does not win his original home state of Michigan, which may occur, that Romney will go into Super Tuesday in March weakened.  But that does not necessarily mean that Romney will not go to the convention with the most delegate votes; perhaps just not enough to win on a first ballot.  Or, that either former Senator Rick Santorum, or Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is in the same circumstance when the dust settles. 

It is very unlikely this late in the game that some other White (or any other color) Knight will appear at a Brokered Convention to win the nomination.   That is not going to happen.  The two highest voters getters are not about to let that happen.  Instead, what is likely to happen is that the two highest vote getters will come together to form the ticket; provided either Romney or Santorum are so positioned.  Which ever one of them gets the most votes will be the Presidential nominee with the other taking the VP spot to get to the 1107 Delegates needed to win the nomination.  

However, though politics does make for strange bedfellows, this Blogger does not believe, under any circumstances that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich will ever be on a ticket together.   The animosity between them is just too great.  Nor, if Mitt Romney wins the Presidency is he likely to ask Gingrich to serve in his cabinet because it appears that the genuinely dislike each other.   Sadly, the race between these two men has turned into a blood feud so reconciliation down the road, though possible, seems unlikely. 

All should remember,  John Kennedy chose Lyndon Johnson as his running mate, though there was no love lost between them, to unify the party and balance the ticket.   Ronald Reagan chose George HW Bush, who had accused Reagan of preaching "Voodoo Economics", as his running mate to unify the party.   And so too will the top two vote getters now, provided they are Romney and Santorum, come together to win the nomination and unify the party.  

Actually, if we can't have Marco Rubio on the ticket as VP, a Romney/Santorum or Santorum/Romney ticket could work pretty well.  One way or another, we need a solid, Conservative, blue collar Catholic, or Evangelical on the Republican ticket from a swing state to beat Obama.   While Romney can argue his business experience to create jobs, Santorum would confort Social Conservatives and work just fine to balance the ticket. 

Plus, Santorum,with his blue collar roots, would play in crucial Ohio, other Mid Western states and the South. Pennsylvania could be in play in 2012 and though Santorum lost his last election there, he also won many elections in Pennsylvania.  And, Pennsylvania just elected Conservative Republicans as Governor and Senator in 2010.  So timing is everything.   Remember, Nixon lost the Presidency and the race for Governor of California before becoming President in 1968.  Lincoln lost his Senate race in 1858 before winning the Presidency in 1860.  Losing a prior election is no indicator related to winning a future election so we should not hold one loss against Santorum.  In addition Romney,  lost is bid to become a Senator from Massachusetts to Ted Kennedy and then was later elected Governor.   All of this just shows tenacity. 

The good news is that along with this ticket comes Romney's organization and big money establishment donors, which will be absolutely critical to beating Obama.   So while some Republicans are feeling doom and gloom at this point because of the tough primary season, this Blogger sees the forest for the trees.  The dust will settle and we will have a competitive ticket.  Most important, if the price of gasoline is above $4 a gallon on election day, the campaign will turn to Obama's failed Energy policy and Obama will be a one term President.

We must take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by sweeping Socialists at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office.  Fret not.  We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We will elect Conservatives to take back the entire Congress and the Presidency to prevent the bankruptcy of our nation and restore economic growth and job creation again in our country.  Just get your hip boots ready because we will have to put them on to drain the swamp in Washington DC.  If we work hard, it will be morning in America again when a Republican President takes office in January, 2013. 

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