Sunday, December 11, 2011

Payroll Tax Cut - The Real Story

About 50% of Americans, Socialist President Obama's PEEP's, pay no federal income taxes at all.   So advocating tax cuts for lower income Americans is not possible when they already pay nothing.  In fact, many of them actually get a check back from the federal government under the Earned Income Tax Credit program.   However, all working Americans that get a paycheck every month, do pay 7.65% of their pay to support Social Security and Medicare.   Their employers also contribute a matching 7.65% of the employee's earnings to support these entitlement programs.

Socialists always complain that their PEEP's, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, must still pay this 7.65% to support Social Security and Medicare.   Their real goal is to eliminate this contribution by raising taxes on  the "rich", defined by Obama as single people earning $200,000 or more and married couples earning $250,000 or more.   This argument concerning the payroll tax holiday for one more year is really about redistribution of income in the name of "social justice".   Now that this cat is out of the bag,  Socialists will attempt to make this payroll tax holiday permanent, just wait and see. 

The real story is that Socialists would like their PEEP's to pay no taxes of any kind at all; no income taxes, no contributions for Social Security and Medicare, no property taxes and no sales taxes.   What Socialists really want is to raise taxes on the 50% of us that already pay nearly all taxes in our country to make it possible for their PEEP's to pay no taxes of any kind.   This would also allow forgiveness of current student loans and then free university education for their PEEP's going forward.   Socialists can only win elections by creating more entitlements and making more people dependent on government.   It is their ticket to power. 

The payroll tax cut is a Socialist election year gimmick that will not restore economic growth or create jobs.   We need fundamental tax reform to make the personal and corporate tax codes flatter and fairer by eliminating most deductions and loop holes.   The federal government does not need more tax revenues.   The federal government must cut spending to no more than 17 or 18% of Gross Domestic Product from Obama's current 25% to allow the private sector to grow.   

To get there, 500,000 federal civilian jobs must be eliminated, through normal attrition in the next five years out of the current 2.65 million.  This would mean elimination and or consolidation of various agencies, commissions and departments.   We also must eliminate regulations that are job killers.  This is just common sense.   

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 to prevent the bankruptcy of our nation.   We have to sweep Socialists, including President Obama, out of government because they are reckless deficit spenders.   Obama has added more to our $15 Trillion National Debt, in his three years in office, than any other President in American history.   It is clear that Obama is intentionally out to bankrupt our nation in order to "transform" our country into a Socialist nation.  This would also involve loss of our national sovereignty to some sort of world government; a Socialist goal.  We can't let that happen. 

We must take back our country to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We can do it.   We must do it to prevent the bankruptcy of our nation.   We have to clean out the barn in Washington.  It will be dirty, stinky work; but it must be done to save our nation.   So put your hip boots on and get ready for the election in 2012.   We have to drain the swamp to take back our country and restore morning in America. 

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