Friday, December 2, 2011

8.6% Unemployment Rate - Bogus Numbers

Official unemployment fell from 9.1% in October to 8.6% as 120,000 jobs were added in November.   Sounds good right?  Of course, what is more important is that 315,000, out of work Americans, just fell off the roles altogether in November because they are not eligible for unemployment benefits any longer and they have just given up looking for work.   These Americans are in the real unemployment rate that probably exceeds 17% once the unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work are all counted.   There are actually about 25 million Americans in this category, while 45 million Americans are on Food Stamps, a record number, caused by Obama's failed policies. 

Desperate Socialist President Obama is bragging about this job growth; but the numbers are bogus.  We need 100,000 new jobs a month just to deal with kids coming out of school.  Job growth during the Obama Presidency has barely kept up with this number.   In fact, six million net jobs have been lost since Obama took the oath of office in January, 2009.   5.7 million Americans have been unemployed for more than 27 weeks.  Yes, Obama inherited a big financial mess caused by Socialist insistence that mortgage companies make loans to their PEEP's, even though they did not meet normal qualification requirements.   However, Obama's deficit spending trillion dollar SwindleUS Plans I, II and III have been a miserable failure making this long Recession even worse. 

In fact, Obama told us that if we borrowed to fund his trillion dollar SwindleUS Plans that unemployment by today would be 6%.  Obviously, that did not happen; but always remember though cards talk and numbers don't lie, but Socialists like Obama always do lie.   Economic growth since Obama was elected President has been dismal.  And, why would anyone be surprised.   Obama's Gestapos, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Labor Relations Board have been busy killing jobs for the last three years by piling more Executive Order regulations on business.

Temporary fixes, the Social Security Payroll Tax Holiday, which Obama wants to extend in 2012 and the extension of unemployment benefits further, that have already been extended to 99 weeks, have done nothing to create economic growth or jobs.   These benefits have only added to our soon to be $16.7 Trillion National Debt.  Worse yet, Obama wants to rob Social Security, already headed toward bankruptcy, to pay for the payroll tax holiday.   This is fiscal insanity to buy votes.  It has to stop. 

We need comprehensive tax reform to get rid of loop holes and subsidies to achieve lower tax rates and less regulation to encourage economic growth and job creation, not more gimmicks used to buy votes.   On paper, it is good that the official unemployment rate has fallen a bit; if it were real.   This is just playing games with numbers.  Until we see job growth of 300,000 a month or more, we are just threading water.   And, that is not going to happen as long as Socialists remain in government. 

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 to restore economic growth and real job creation again in the private sector.   To make it happen, we must sweep Socialists at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office.   We must elect Conservatives that support limited government, lower taxes and less regulation, a balanced budget, term limits, real education, energy, health care and entitlement reform, a strong national defense, including securing our border and fighting Terrorism, the right to bear arms, the sanctity of life and family values that are the foundation of our nation.   This is the platform supported by the majority of the American people and the only way to restore economic growth and job creation again in our nation. 

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 to achieve a full employment economy with unemployment at 5% or lower.   We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  In the mean time, just remember that until we see job growth of 300,000 or more every month, the Obama economy is still dismal.   Just ask anyone still looking for a job. 

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