Thursday, December 8, 2011

Donald Trump - Forgettabouthim

Billionaire Donald Trump is probably the most effective self promoter in the world today.   Why on earth Republican candidates for President feel the need to travel to New York City to kiss Trump's ring is beyond me.   Further, while Trump is right on many of the issues and his condemnation of incompetent Socialist President Obama is spot on,  he has no part to play in the nomination of a Republican candidate for President unless he plans to run for the job himself. 

And, we are not likely to see Trump run for the Presidency, representing any political party because his personal life could be a sexy movie and his business life is probably very complicated.   The lame stream media would have a field day with Trump and he knows it.   So all this talk about Trump running as an Independent is just that, talk, designed to promote the Trump brand.   As a Sales and Marketing guy, this Blogger really appreciates the way Trump is able to manipulate the media into giving him free publicity.  Trump is brilliant and plays the media like a fiddle.  It is very humorous; but not serious. 

Republican candidates for the Presidency need to stay clear, rather than be part of the Trump circus.   It is wise that most Republican candidates decided to pass on Trump's Debate.  This was just plain ridiculous.   There are more than enough debates already for candidates to get their ideas on the table.   The last thing Republicans needs is to be part of a Trump Circus.   And, what is a Trump endorsement worth anyway; probably not a hell of a lot.   Everyone knows that Trump is an entertainer; basically an actor with a lot of money and a reality TV show.   Republicans that meet with Donald Trump are just part of the show.  It is really dumb and actually demeans the process and the Candidates.  

Republican candidates should forgettabouthim.   Donald Trump, the showman and circus master is only out to promote Donald Trump.  Can we please focus on Socialist President Obama to make him a one term President in 2012 and sweep other Socialists out of government, as well.   Let's move on, shall we.   We have hard work to do to take back our country in 2012 and 2014.   Donald Trump is just an amusing side show. 

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