Thursday, December 15, 2011

Establishment Republicans Fear Newt Gingrich

It is becoming very clear that Establishment Republicans fear Newt Gingrich because he often thinks out loud in ways that make them feel uncomfortable.   Let's face it.   While Socialist President Obama has added more to our $15 Trillion National Debt, in his three years in office with no end in sight, than any other President in American history, Republicans hands are not clean either.  

Republican Presidents and members of Congress, many of whom have been in office since 1965, when they all began stealing money from the Social Security Trust fund and borrowing even more to spend on guns and butter to win reelection are starting to squirm because Newt Gingrich is talking real change, not Obama's phony "Hope and Change".

Newt Gingrich understands that government is broken and that only radical change can fix it by rolling back 100 years of Socialist Creep.   All three branches of government, the Legislative, the Judiciary and the Executive Branch have all exceeded the powers given them by our Founding Fathers.   In fact, the original concept of Checks and Balances has not worked because all branches of government are out of control and in collusion.  

ObamaCare and the mandate to buy health insurance is just the latest example.   The Congress uses the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to justify intrusion into our lives.   The Supreme Court does not just interpret the Constitution; the Court often makes up laws in its interpretations.   And of course, the President uses Executive Orders, much like a Dictator, to do just about anything that he wants to do.   Newt Gingrich, as a historian and a thinker, is questioning all of this because he sees the threat to our freedom.  

Establishment Republicans fear Newt Gingrich because he is not a go along to get along kind of guy.   Gingrich makes waves.  For that reason and because they know Mitt Romney is a flip flopper, who can be trusted to bend with the wind to maintain the status quo, Establishment Republicans are now lining up behind Romney in desperation as Gingrich surges in the polls.   It is actually humorous to watch because those that have been feeding at the trough for years are scared to death that if Gingrich actually wins the Presidency, their gravy train may be over. 

All of this maneuvering makes Mitt Romney less attractive to this Blogger by the day.  We need to elect real Conservative in 2012 and 2014, not more of the same RINO's, that can't be trusted, if we are going to take back our country.  We need more Tea Party Republicans elected, at all levels of government, to end business as usual. 

Nothing will change without Constitutional Amendments to balance the budget, enact Congressional term limits, limit federal taxing authority and  define American citizenship.   You can bet RINO's, like Mitt Romney, will not make any of these things happen.   And, whether Newt Gingrich is the guy to make it happen, or some one else like Rick Perry, one thing is for sure.  

We need to elect real Conservatives committed to rolling back 100 years of Socialist Creep to take back our country by reestablishing limited, Constitutional government.  No more business as usual that has led to a $15 Trillion National Debt.   It all has to stop.   The only question is which Republican will actually make it happen.   The Blogger seriously doubts that Mitt Romney is really committed to rolling back Socialism in our country.  

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