Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where Was Senator Harry Reid - Missing In Action

In 2009, while Democrat Socialist Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader of the US Senate focused on enacting all of President Obama's Socialist Schemes including HealthScare, the state of Nevada, which Reid purports to represent, sank into deep Recession much worse than many other states. As a Nevada resident, I must ask, where was Senator Harry Reid as this was happening?

Where was Harry as Nevada's unemployment rate went up to 13% about the highest in the country?
Where was Harry as Nevada experienced the highest foreclosure rate in the country?
Where was Harry when President Obama called out companies for holding conferences in Las Vegas and $400 million in conference business was immediately cancelled, which cost thousands of jobs. The Democrat Mayor of Las Vegas went ballistic; but Harry said nothing?
Where was Harry, who has been in office for years, related to focusing on diversifying Nevada's economy to broaden our employment and tax base?
Where was Harry when he closed down Yucca Mountain, the nuclear repository, which will cost thousands of jobs?
Where was Harry when Nevada residents only get back about 65 cents on every federal dollar we pay in federal taxes?
Where was Harry related to making Nevada the energy capital of the US by more development in nuclear, solar and geothermal energy sources?
Where was Harry as many of the businesses in Nevada have just closed down and filed for bankruptcy?
Where was Harry when it came time to fight all of Obama's Socialist Schemes, which are job killer bills?

President Obama and Senator Harry Reid PROMISED Americans that if the SwindleUS Plan was passed that unemployment would not exceed 8%. Nationally, official unemployment is at 10%; but in Nevada it is much worse at 13% and this does not include those that are underemployed, or who have just given up looking for work. When those people are factored in, the unemployment rate for Nevada is greater than 18%. Obviously, the Obama, Reid, Pelosi, SwindleUS Plan was a complete failure, only even more so for Nevada.

Democrat Socialist Senator Harry Reid is completely out of touch with the people of Nevada and the United States. Some time ago, I tried to get a face to face meeting with Senator Reid to show him my tax returns in order to prove just how much Americans already pay in federal and state income taxes when he claimed, "we don't pay our fair share". That meeting never happened because Senator Reid would not see me. That's OK. Next November, Senator Harry Reid will see me and a million other Nevadans on election day as we send him into retirement back to Search Light, Nevada, that hell hole that he calls home. Dirty Harry, your time is up. Senator Harry Reid has been missing in action for years. Next November, we will send Harry Reid home once and for all. We can do it. We are going to do it.

P.S. The National Freedom Forum has many subscribers and readers in Nevada. Please pass on this e-mail to your friends and neighbors. All of us should be asking, Where Was Harry, when we go to the polls in November.

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