Thursday, January 28, 2010

Democrat Socialists - Like Rats On a Sinking Ship

President Obama is in a free fall related to his approval rating. Only 46% of the people approve of the job Obama is doing. The President's State of the Union Address did nothing to help his approval rating. It was just more of the same. The Reid/Pelosi Democrat Socialist controlled Congress is viewed even less favorably with a 26% approval rating. Only 37% of the people believe that the country is on the right track. It is very clear that as Obama pursues all of his Socialist Schemes, he is bringing down the Democrat Socialist Party with him. Recent defeats in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, the bluest of blue states are causing Democrat Socialist to scurry around like rats on a sinking ship named the SS Obama.

President Obama made matters even worse when he proclaimed that he would rather be a "good one term President" than a "mediocre two term President". Of course, generally a good President gets reelected and Presidents that fail lose their second term elections. The signal that Obama has sent life long Democrat Socialist professional politicians is that Obama will pursue his Socialist Schemes no matter what it does to them or the Democrat Socialist party. While Obama may not care if he is reelected because he does tend to move from job to job, you can be sure that Democrat Socialist professional politicians, that do this for a living, do care if they are reelected. It is a a career for them not just a stopping off point to a better job.

So now we see Democrat Socialists announcing that they are "retiring" and some are actually changing parties and becoming Republicans because they know that following Obama is a road to defeat. The latest revelation was really interesting. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that she will only serve one term in the Obama Administration. It is unheard of for a professional politician like Clinton to make this announcement three years before the end of the President's term. It is a slap in the face for Obama. And, it tells me that if Obama's poll ratings continue to fall that Hillary Clinton will leave the Administration early to challenge Obama in the Democrat Socialist Primary for the 2012 Presidential election. Hillary's biological clock is ticking. No doubt, Hillary Clinton still wants to be President. And, the Clinton's don't have much respect for Obama. They see Obama as a young and inexperienced usurper that came out of no where and did not deserve the Presidency.

In making her announcement, Hillary Clinton has signaled to other Democrat Socialists that Obama is in way over his head. Of course that is obvious to most Americans. We have to take back our country in 2010 and 2012 by electing Conservatives committed to lower taxes, less regulation, smaller government, a balanced budget, a strong national defense including aggressively fighting Terrorism, the sanctity of life and family values. We can do it. We will do it.

P.S. Obama's blaming George W Bush for everything and anything is really starting to get old.

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