Friday, January 15, 2010

Republican Scott Brown - A Tidal Wave Is Coming

A Suffolk University Poll in Massachusetts now has State Senator Republican Scott Brown beating Democrat Socialist and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley by 50% to 46% to fill the old Ted Kennedy US Senate seat in the Special Election on January 19. If Brown wins, which appears feasible, it will be the first time since 1972 that Massachusetts has elected a Republican Senator. But more important, this is Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat. Kennedy was always referred to as the "lion of the Senate." Kennedy was actually someone who cheated his way through life and law school, never worked for a living and lived off his family money his entire life. The only things that could be said about Ted Kennedy is that he was an ethically challenged, tax and spend, left wing Democrat Socialist, elected many times, who served for too long in the US Senate. Ted Kennedy was the poster child making the case for Term Limits.

In any case, President Obama is going to Massachusetts on Sunday to campaign for Coakley in an attempt to save her candidacy and his Presidency. Obama's presence did nothing to help the Democrat Socialists candidates running for Governor in New Jersey and Virginia as Conservative Republicans Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell won those races handily, which was a clear repudiation of Obama and his Socialist Schemes. Scott Brown has said emphatically that if he is elected to the US Senate, Brown will be the 41st vote against Obama's HealthScare Plan, which could kill the bill; though no doubt Senator Dirty Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat Socialists will try every sleazy, dirty trick in the book to pass HealthScare. Just wait and see.

Win or lose in Massachusetts the Democrat Socialist will suffer a big loss. Keep in mind that Democrat Socialists out number Republicans 3 to 1 in Massachusetts. For a Republican to even come close to winning, let alone actually winning in Massachusetts, represents an earthquake in public opinion. I am going to go out on a limb and predict that Scott Brown will defeat Martha Coakley in the Special Election in Massachusetts on January 19 by at least two points and maybe more. And, if it happens, it will be the next huge wave of a tidal wave that began in New Jersey and Virginia that will lead to the Republican take over of the US Congress. To make sure that it happens, if you have not already sent money to Scott Brown to help take back our country, just go on and give until in hurts. Don't expect others to speak or act for you. You have to speak and act with your checkbook to take back our country.

The elections in 2010 and 2012 are critical. We need to elect Conservatives committed to fiscal sanity, a balanced budget, a strong national defense, limited government, lower taxes, less regulation and family values. We can do it. We must do it.

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