Wednesday, January 6, 2010

President Obama - The Deceiver In Chief

President Obama said 8 times during the presidential campaign that all negotiations concerning his HealthScare Plan would be televised on C-Span. Obviously, Obama lied making him the Deceiver In Chief. When Democrat Socialist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco was recently questioned about the President's campaign promise, she threw her head back and just laughed saying that many things are said during a campaign presumably that never happen. Ms. Pelosi may be the most hated woman in America because she continues to exhibit arrogance like nothing ever seen in American politics.

Of course, Democrat Socialist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Socialist Majority Leader Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada are now behind closed doors attempting the reconcile the House and Senate Versions of Obama's HealthScare Plan. No doubt, there are more sleazy, Chicago style, back room deals taking place to buy votes despite that fact that nearly 60% of the American people are opposed to Obama's Socialised HealthScare Plan. WE DON'T WANT ANY MORE GOVERNMENT INTRUSION IN OUR LIVES. But the President and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress do not care about the opinions of the American people. They are determined to ram through their Socialist agenda to take over the health care system of the United States, which ultimately will bankrupt our country.

Senior citizens, who often vote for Democrat Socialists, have been betrayed by them. Seniors will see $500 Billion in cuts to their Medicare benefits. As it is now, there are many doctors that will not take Medicare patients because government payments are so low. This will even get worse under ObamaCare as we see death panels implemented to deny Seniors medical care. Does any one really believe that my Mom would have been allowed hip surgery at 87 years old under ObamaCare? She would have been sent home with pain pills, never to walk again, an option already made clear by the President himself. As it turns out my Mom is now 89 years old, walking and doing just fine as a result of that surgery that was implemented under the Medicare Advantage HMO Program that she will shortly lose under Obama's HealthScare Plan. It is just plain criminal. This is being done to provide health insurance to the 31 million people, Obama's Peeps, who often pay no income taxes at all.

And, young people are going to get hit with much higher premiums than they pay now as a result of the mandates on insurance companies in Obama's HealthScare Plan. Insurance companies will not be allowed to charge older people premiums commensurate with their risk of illness and as such that risk and resultant higher premiums will be passed on to younger people and most everyone else required to buy insurance.

But that is not all. There are all sorts of tax increases in both the House and Senate versions of HealthScare. In fact, there are about $500 Billion in new taxes that will cause job losses. This HealthScare monstrosity is a night mare for all. And anyone who believes the numbers or savings projections really should be on Medical Marijuana. HealthScare like all other government programs will cost Trillions more than projected and will bankrupt our country. Adding a new entitlement, when Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid are already bankrupt is just plain fiscal insanity.

But it is OK. There is a tidal wave coming in 2010. Democrat Socialists are scared to death that the American people, who participate in the Tea Party Movement, are going to rise up and throw the bums out of office. Democrat Socialists are right to run for the hills and not run for reelection because their days are numbered. There are just 11 months before election day in November, 2010. Democrat Socialists Dodd and Dorgan are gone. Other vulnerable Democrat Socialists up for reelection include Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, Michael Bennet of Colorado and even Looney Barbara Boxer of California, who is a real piece of work. We need to raise tons of money to defeat all of them.

If current trends continue, there is a very good likelihood that the Republican Party will take over the Congress in 2010, which will thankfully be the end of the Obama Presidency. If that happens then we must focus all our attention on 2012 to insure that Obama is a one term President, just like Jimmy Carter, that buffoon and the worst President in American history. We are going to take back our country. We can do it. We have to do it.

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