Friday, January 22, 2010

Democrat Socialists - Villains and Other Scapegoats

President Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party are now trying desperately to reconnect with the American people after their stunning defeat in Massachusetts. They think the way to win popular support is by identifying and targeting various villains as they attempt to divide our nation and take the focus away from their failed policies. As such, President Obama at various times in his first year in office and even before has "called out" his enemies list; banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, oil and other energy companies, successful small businesses, companies that hold conferences in places like Las Vegas, so called companies that produce snack foods that are making us too fat, companies that maintain subsidiaries overseas etc. etc. In other words, these are the corporations and small businesses that employ most Americans in the private sector.

In Obama's Socialist world, all of these companies are "evil" driven by "greed" because they seek to make a profit. The reality is that most corporations, if profitable, generate profits of 3% to perhaps 20% in the extreme. That is referred to as "pre-tax profit"; but that is not where it ends. American companies are required to pay their state and federal corporate income taxes, which usually is about to 35 - 45% (about the highest in the world) of pre-tax profit. So if a corporation is lucky, it gets to keep about 6 cents in profit for every dollar in revenues to invest in future development, or pay dividends to shareholders. The point is that the about 65% revenues go to pay the compensation and benefits of middle income employees, not fat cats, that are the majority of staff members in any company. The remaining 25% of revenues cover overhead; things like rent, equipment purchases etc. Of course, most Democrat Socialists including President Obama, have never managed a business so they don't have a clue about the long hours, revenues, profit, loss and the risk involved in establishing or running a business. Instead, Democrat Socialists paint business owners, or shareholders in the case of publicly traded companies, as obsessed with "greed".

I have worked in business for 30 years with major corporations, all names you would know, all over the world. I have never seen the picture painted by Democrat Socialists. What I have seen are corporations focused on growth and their employees and customers. Corporations have been the engine of job creation and prosperity in the United States. And further, I have also seen nearly all corporations with outreach programs to give back to the communities in which they do business and beyond.

Finally, Obama has targeted those big bad banks for enemies treatment. There are about 3,000 banks and financial institutions in the the United States. Only about a dozen of the very largest were involved in the so called "risky" investments that are a subject of concern. Most banks are pretty plain vanilla banks that deal with deposits and old fashioned lending. Further, Obama continues to demagogue the bank issue. Banks that received TARP money, including those that were forced to take it, have paid back most of these monies plus interest. The dead beats that still owe the government TARP money that will probably never be seen again are companies like GM, Chrysler, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which coincidentally Obama has exempted from his enemies list new taxes.

As such, as Obama seeks to "punish" various industries on his enemies list with higher taxes and more regulations, the President will cause even more job losses in the private sector. It is inevitable and it is already happening as unemployment remains stubbornly high at 10% official unemployment and more than 17% if all are counted that are either unemployed, under employed or who have just given up looking for jobs altogether. Millions have lost their jobs since Obama was sworn in as President. Clearly, Democrat Socialist do not understand the "law of unintended consequences or Economics 101. They just don't see the relationship between their actions that harm the private sector and killing jobs. And, though Democrat Socialists and their public employee union supporters would prefer it, government alone cannot provide prosperity or jobs to the 150 million Americans who need them. Only the private sector can be the source of real job creation and economic wealth in the United States. And, without the private sector there would no government jobs anyway.

This week, the Supreme Court in a 5 - 4 decision acted to preserve the First Amendment of the Constitution guaranteeing free speech by striking down campaign finance laws prohibiting corporations from advertising to elect or defeat particular political candidates. Obama and the Democrat Socialists have criticized this decision because they don't want corporations looking out for their shareholders, customers or employees interests. This change in campaign finance laws will play a huge role in taking back our country in 2010 and 2012. Corporations that are being portrayed as villains will legally be able to fight back in the coming election, which is their right. President Obama is just a big bully.

Like Hitler who used the Jews, Big Business and the Communists as his scapegoat for a bad economy to take over Germany, President Obama is attempting to use business as a scape goat to mask the President's failures. The American people are smarter than that and much more informed today than was the case in Germany in the 30's. We can see what is happening. The people of Massachusetts just stood up and said HELL NO. In 2010 and 2012, the people of America will stand up and say HELL NO to the Democrat Socialists as we sweep them all out of office in a tidal wave of disgust. We can do it. We must do it.

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