Monday, January 4, 2010

Moderate Democrats - There Are None

There are purported to be about 50 Blue Dog or moderate Democrats in the Congress out of about 315. This is a fallacy. There are no moderate Democrats in the Congress. When push comes to shove, they are all Socialists that consistently vote for big government, higher taxes at ever turn, environmental wacho schemes, Keynesian Socialist economics, laws to support big unions and a weaker national defense. For the most part, Democrat Socialists in Congress support Obama's SwindleUS Plan, all the bail outs, CAP & TAX, HealthScare, giving Terrorists the same Constitutional rights as Americans and some form of amnesty for illegal aliens. And, to be clear, the left wing media refers to Democrat Socialists as "Progressives" because they know that the word Socialist scares the hell out of most Americans.

The truth is that Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all other Democrats in Congress are Socialists. The only thing is that some are even more radical than others. Some of the Democrats are closer to Communists than Socialists. These left wing radicals support redistribution of income, which they refer to as "social justice". It really is just reparations by another name; but it does not just apply to the descendants of former slaves. Democrat Socialists want to take from those that have practiced delayed gratification and studied and worked hard to become successful and give to those that would rather go to a bowling alley after work than a community college or university to earn a degree. Democrat Socialists want their Peeps dependent on government because it is the source of their power.

Democrat Socialists hate free market Capitalism because it does produce winners who work hard and maybe get rich and losers who end up with very little or nothing. Yet, even Democrat Socialist recognize that they can't completely kill the goose that laid the golden egg because without smart, productive people, the government would have no tax revenues to redistribute to their Peeps. So, unlike in Communists systems where the government owns all the means of production, which ultimately leads to economic failure, Democrat Socialist allow free enterprise; but regulate and tax it until it finally leaves a state or the country. In the mean time, because higher taxes do not lead to more tax revenues and in fact lead to less tax revenues, state and federal governments must borrow to fund their crazy pork barrel projects and social programs to keep their Peeps happy. Hence the trillions we now see in deficit spending. However, this is self defeating because eventually the states, i.e. California and the Federal government will go bankrupt in this vicious circle of higher taxation that is a road to no where.

We must not be fooled by the notion of a "Moderate Democrat". When President Obama was running for President, he ran as a Socialist; but the left wing media, to deceive the electorate, repeatedly said once elected Obama would govern to the center or face defeat in 2012. Obama spoke of bi-partisanship if elected. We are seeing the end of this story. There is no bipartisanship in Congress. Democrat Socialists are ramming through all their Socialist Schemes held in the waiting for the past 40 years.

We must take back our country in 2010 and 2012. Americans are finally seeing the Democrats for what they are; big time Socialists. 58% of the people believe the nation is on the wrong track because our ancestors in the last century came to America to escape Communism and Socialism. Clearly, Obama's vision for America is not the vision I want to leave my sons and eventual grandchildren. We have to fight like hell to elect Conservatives in 2010 and 2012 committed to fiscal sanity, a strong national defense, fighting the global war or Terror, family and religious values and the US Constitution, as written by our Founders and not Democrat Socialists, or the courts. Our nation and our freedoms are at stake. We must take back our country. We can do it. We have to do it.

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