Friday, May 2, 2014

Veterans Medical Care Scandal - Disgraceful

Many Veterans use medical services provided by the Veterans Affairs Department of the federal government.   Recently, it was learned that government bureaucrats, dealing with VETS in Phoenix, fabricated reports to hide the length of time VETS have been waiting for care.   Thousands of VETS across the country are waiting months just to see a doctor or specialist.  Some VETS have died because they could not get an appointment with a Specialist, or as result of misdiagnosis.  This is a tragedy made even worse because Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is actually charging VETS more for their medical care than was previously the case.  

Clearly, this big government solution to providing medical care for Veterans is not working.   Veterans hospitals should be privatized.   Left wing liberals keep pushing for more government control over our health care system.  It is called ObamaCare.   Really??  Just look at the care many Veterans are getting in the government controlled health care system to see what would happen to the rest of us if the federal government gets even more control over daily life.

Obviously, anyone in the Veterans Affairs Department that has anything to do with this latest Obama government Scandal should be FIRED, not just put on administrative leave as recently happened with these bureaucrats in Phoenix.   But don't count on it.   There is likely to be another cover up as happened in Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA Spying and the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandals.  Obamanistas continue to earn their Pinocchio awards for their lies and propaganda.  Obama's nose has grown so long that he needs a wheel barrel to carry it around.  Oh what a tangled web these Socialists weave when they practice to deceive.  

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