Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Government Agency Scraps Employee Rating System

The federal government Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created in 2010 as part of the Dodd Frank Law to regulate financial institutions, has decided to scrap its 1 to 5 employee rating system claiming it was discriminatory.   Poor performers that got a score of 1 might have been from a minority group; hence the scoring system is deemed racist.   So rather than splitting the difference for all concerned and giving everybody a 3, to deal with "income inequality", a Socialist rallying cry, this particular government agency is just going to rate everybody a 5, the top rating, which will result in higher annual salary increases regardless of performance.   Should we laugh or cry. 

Better yet, they are making this change retroactive, which will cost American taxpayers another $5 million in raises for the last rating period.  So to avoid the need to rate any of their employee's performance, they are just designating them all wonderful performers.   Go figure.   We all know that waste, fraud and abuse is rampant at all levels of government; but this one takes the cake.  And, there certainly are government employees that are completely incompetent; but not according to this government agency. 

Honestly, how can these Obamanistas in charge of this particular agency act so recklessly with no respect for hard working taxpayers that pay their salaries.  It just demonstrates once again that we have a federal government completely out of control.    So what's new.   

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