Thursday, May 29, 2014

Immigration Reform - Obama Can't Be Trusted

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has thrown a monkey wrench into any Immigration Reform legislation this year by telling Congress that he will use an Executive Order to slow down deportations that are required by law.   Obama already released more than 30,000 illegal alien prisoners, some of them guilty of serious crimes, on to our streets, rather than deport them, which is what should have happened. 

No Republican in Congress trust Obama because he regularly ignores the laws that are enacted by Congress.   Obama is not enforcing Immigration Laws on the books now.   So why should anyone believe that Obama would enforce any new law enacted by Congress.   We have seen with ObamaCare that Obama just picks and chooses which provisions of the law he chooses to enforce.   Any other President and particularly a Republican President would be impeached for doing the same thing.  In this case, our first Black President is being given a pass by the left wing lame stream media, the Courts and even Republicans in Congress.   The thought of holding this President to the law would be portrayed as "racist" and nobody wants that label, so the unconstitutional Executive Orders continue.

It starting to look like Republicans in Congress will need to wait for a new President that they can trust to enact comprehensive Immigration Reform.   We don't call Obama Pinocchio for nothing. 

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